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Obviously, keeping your house de-cluttered and cleaned makes it look good.  But sometimes there are other things that keep your house from looking as good as it can.  If you take care of those items, your house can look even better. (p.s. this post contains affiliate links. You can see my full disclosure here.)

1.       Fix things that are broken.  Like . . .

  • Blinds – usually it’s those inexpensive vinyl blinds that are broken.  Spend the $ and replace them.  It will make the room look so much better.
  • Tears in upholstery – if the upholstery is already torn, you may as well try your hand at stitching it up.  Your stitching will probably look better than the tear plus it will keep the tear from getting worse.  We had a dark green couch that had a spot worn off one corner – from the cat rubbing her imaginary claws on it.  One day my husband had the brilliant idea of covering the white spot with green marker.  It was amazing the difference it made.
  • Torn screens, broken windows. 

2.       Clean things that are dirty.  Like . . .

  • Marks on the wall – if the budding artists got a little wild with their crayons or markers, take the time to clean off the marks.  Sometimes all it takes is some all-purpose cleaner but other times you need something heavier duty like a magic eraser.  Just be careful not to rub the finish off the walls.  Although, if you have to choose between crayon or a dull finish, I’d go with the dull finish.
  • Stains on the furniture – Some stains you just have to live with but others can be cleaned off.  You’ll need to check the label on the furniture to figure out what you can and can’t use on it.  I have a microfiber couch that cleans up well with Ivory dishwashing soap.  You can deal with a permanent stain by using pillows or a carefully placed throw.  If that won’t work, perhaps a slipcover is an option. Have a tough stain? Use this!
  • Screens and/or windows.  Normal dirt on screens and windows isn’t usually a big deal.  But sometimes you get bugs or spider webs or leaves.  In that case, cleaning them can make the room look a lot better. Need to clean your windows? Use the Window Cloth

3.       Straighten things that are messy.  Like . . .

  • A hot spot – if there’s a spot that collects clutter, see if you can fix it.  If you can’t, at least make it look prettier.  Collect the clutter in a basket or cool looking container.
  • Overflow from inadequate storage – The solutions for this problem can range from buying more storage to moving the overflow to another location.  It’s nice if the new location is convenient but if it’s just a little inconvenient, it might still be worth it if it clears the clutter.
  • Visible clutter – of course, we all know that removing clutter makes a room look better.  So do what you can.
  • Rugs that won’t stay put – if you have a rug that won’t stay in place, there are things you can do to anchor it.  You can buy rubber pads to fit under the rug.  You can use double-sided tape.  There are many products made for that purpose.  If you don’t want to spend any money, perhaps you can position the rug so it’s anchored under the legs of the furniture.  At any rate, having a rug that’s crooked all the time makes the room look a little messy.

4.     Replace things that are worn out.  Like . . .

  • Faded curtains, rugs or bedding – items made of fabric eventually wear out.  When that happens, replacing them will make a room look better.  If you can’t replace them, maybe you can do something to make them look better.  Add some trim, dye the fabric, etc.

So take a walk through your house and see what areas need attention.  Then do what you can, one small project at a time, to make your house look better! In the meantime, check out the full line of Norwex cleaning supplies to make your housecleaning routine run even smoother! 

Do you have any of these items that need attention at your house?


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6 thoughts on “How to Make Your House Look Better

    1. I’ve read that tip but I’ve never done it so I was hesitant to suggest it. Good to know that it works. And it hasn’t damaged your floor at all?

  1. Blinds! You hit the nail on the head! I’m dealing with the “blind” issue now. You know, those cheap things that bend when you open them to peek out. Yep. I have a hate, hate relationship with mine. I am determined to get rid of them and I’ve received some samples from Select Blinds. Now, my biggest decision is which style to choose.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The cheap ones really only work if you handle them gently. Then they’re a good deal. But if you have kids or pets, forget it.

      We had some wooden blinds in the office at our last house and those held up really well. However, I hate dusting them so I avoid blinds whenever I can. That being said, we’re going to try to find shutters for the bathrooms in this house but if we can’t find them, we’re going with blinds. I prefer curtains but they don’t seem to fit in the bathroom.

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