Ice Cream Pizza

Ice Cream Pizza

Ice Cream Pizza

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I was looking for something special to make for my stepfather’s birthday dinner and decided to try this.  Oh, my.  It was delicious.  I especially liked it because it was easy and SO versatile.  You’ll see what I mean after you read the recipe.


  • Family-size brownie mix (1)
  • Ice cream (2)
  • Toppings (3)


  1. Mix up the brownies according to package directions.  Spread in a greased pizza pan – about 14”. (4)
  2. Bake for 10 or 15 minutes – watch closely.
  3. Let brownie cool.  When cool, spread softened ice cream over the top.
  4. Add toppings of your choice.
  5. Freeze several hours.

ice cream pizza


(1)     I made a plain brownie mix but you could use anything you wanted.  You could also use cookie dough.

(2)     I used about ¾ of the half gallon container.  Use any flavor you want.  I went with vanilla.

(3)     I used mini m&m’s, chocolate covered pretzels (broken up), chocolate shavings and sprinkles.  I drizzled it with Nestle chocolate milk topping.  Again, you could use anything.  We especially loved the pretzels.

(4)     I used a 14” glass dish with 1” sides.  It worked PERFECT!

(5)     The family said it would also be good with a layer of chocolate fudge.

ice cream pizza

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