It’s Okay to Take a Day Off from House Cleaning

It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6

It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6


I know what you’re going to say.

“But won’t you have to spend more time cleaning up the next day?’

Well, yes and no.

As long as you’re not “stupid” on your day off and you have systems in place, it shouldn’t be too bad.

I had a tough and busy weekend.  The grandkids were here most of the weekend and they make a lot of messes (I let them!).  My dog was sick and had an accident in the dining room.  You may not know this, but I have a very strong gag reflex and use it often.  So the idea of cleaning up runny dog poop was horrifying.  I mean HORRIFYING.  After I ran out of ideas for getting someone else to do it (no one was home but me and the grandkids), I did it.  I gagged my brains out and finally threw up in the kitchen sink.  But I got it done.  So the rest of the weekend I let my dog in and out anytime she asked!  Even in the middle of the night!  Yes, she needed out multiple times Saturday night so we didn’t get much sleep.  We also hadn’t slept much Friday night because my grandson couldn’t sleep and was a wild man in his bedroom.

Sunday was tough because I woke up to pretty serious problems with the blog.  They were so serious that I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to save it.  So between the busy grandkids, the sick dog and the blog, I did very little to the house and I didn’t care.

As a result, I woke up to this this morning:

It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
The living room wasn’t actually too bad. I think that’s because the little kids spent most of their time in their rooms. That’s where the big messes are.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Dining Room. It wasn’t too bad. The table was still messy from dinner and I didn’t have the flowers back on. The knick knack shelves were pretty messed up. The kids spend a lot of time messing with those.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Calvin’s Room. It had been worse because he stripped off all his bedding but I had to put it back so he could sleep there.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Office. It’s actually always a bit messy. My fault.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Master Bathroom. This room is rarely messy. The only thing out of order that morning was the hair color box on the cabinet. I couldn’t throw it away because the trash can in the bathroom was full.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Master Bedroom. My master bedroom almost always looks like this. I make the bed every morning as soon as I get up and I try to keep it clean. It’s my sanctuary. The kids do mess it up a little sometimes but I clean it right back up. You have to have at least one or two rooms that are always nice.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Ivy’s Room. This room is usually pretty bad – especially these days. Calvin, my 4-year-old grandson has been enjoying dumping everything out. However, in his defense, he did play with everything he got out. The room was a big, fat mess but it didn’t take long to clean up since I have specific places for everything.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Kitchen. This is usually the worst room. I made a big dinner and by the time my family left, I just didn’t feel like cleaning it up.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
The other side of the kitchen. Yuck. I really try to clean it up the night before but about half the time it’s a mess in the morning. Our schedule just hasn’t been cooperative.
It's Okay to Take Time Off from Cleaning 6
Main Bathroom. Usually this room is in pretty good shape, too. Sometimes the grandkids play at the sink so the towels are messed up but not this time.

Am I freaked out about it?  No.  I have good systems in place and it won’t take long at all to get everything back in order.  And it was worth it. I needed the break.

And the truth is, I don’t do much on the weekends EVER.  I try to get all my house stuff done during the week so I don’t have to mess with it on the weekend.  Sometimes I do a little bit but most of the time I do very little.  I do keep up with the dishes and cook and try to pick up after myself.  But that’s it.  I work on the house all week and I need a break on the weekend.  It works for me and it can work for you if you follow a few simple rules:

  1. On your days off, don’t be stupid. If you make a mess, clean it up.  If you spill something, wipe it up.  Do the dishes.
  2. Taking the weekend off doesn’t mean doing nothing. You should still tidy and pick up – just nothing big- no actual cleaning.
  3. Work hard during the week so everything is done by the weekend.
  4. Have good systems in place so the Monday morning clean up isn’t a big deal.
  5. Clean up the weekend mess as soon as possible – by the end of the day on Monday at the latest.

AND DON’T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT NOT DOING HO– USEWORK ON THE WEEKEND.  If you feel guilty, you may as well not bother taking some time off.  That defeats the purpose of the break.  You don’t need to do housework 24/7.  It’s never done so you may as well stop now and then and enjoy your life.  It’ll still be there when your break is over.  And as long as you follow the five rules above, clean up won’t be a big deal.

Do you ever take the weekend off from cleaning? 

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12 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Take a Day Off from House Cleaning

  1. Thank you for this post!! As far as cleaning up dog mess…or kid mess, etc., a bit of vapor rub under the nose before cleaning up does the trick for me.

    1. Good to know. I’ll try that next time – although I’m really hoping there won’t be a next time or somebody else will be here to clean it up.

  2. I’m the opposite. I work full time so I tend to do the bare minimum tidy/dishes/pickup during the week and then my heavy cleaning on the weekend.

  3. A weekend off? HA! I’ve gone several (but we don’t have children) and the kitchen and bathroom are cleaned almost daily. When I do play catch-up, it’s mostly dust and cobwebs that have accumulated rather than toys, clothes, dishes, tracked-in dirt, etc.

  4. homey – i like your strategies/structure – work hard during the week, coast on the weekend. and sometimes we just need to take a day off – did you see my post on “some days are just like that.”?
    As far as guilt, someone wrote, “guilt is a very useful emotion, for five minutes.” There’s nothing to feel guilty about. In the grand scheme of things, having your house always neat clean and tidy is not going to make much difference.
    Good for you.

  5. The way I see it, there is a difference between cleaning and keeping up on things. And it’s alright to ditch both every once in a while. If you’ve been keeping up on everything and take a day off, it just means there’s *slightly* more the next day. It’s not as if you went a week without doing something and then trying to catch up.
    In reality, everyone needs a break from time to time – no matter what they are doing! But if you’ve not fallen behind before you take your break, coming back to it should be no problem! 😀

    1. +1 Jessica. Sometimes neat and picked up is all we can handle. it’s VERY OK. (That’s not screaming or shouting, just em-pha-sis.)

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