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In case you missed any of the daily tips posted on Facebook and Twitter, here they are on one page and grouped by category.  Enjoy.


Have an extra mop pad or head for your mop. Then when one is being washed, the other is ready to go.

“Clutter problems cause cleaning problems.” Nony from aslobcomesclean.com.

Ivy Cooking


When making mashed potatoes, sliced potatoes cook faster than cubed potatoes.

When you’re shredding chicken with your mixer, go ahead and do a bunch so you can put some in the freezer.

If you use a kitchen appliance a lot, if possible, make room for it on your counter. Your kitchen needs to be functional more than pretty.

entertaining edit


When you invite friends for dinner & they ask if they can bring something, let them! It helps you & lets them feel helpful.

Next time you have a party, set out a jigsaw puzzle and see how many people stop & work on it.

Pedometer on Tennis Shoes

Healthy Lifestyle

Most people don’t exercise as hard as they think! Monitoring devices can help you see how you’re doing.

Daily action builds habits. Skipping one day makes it easier to skip the next.


Home Décor/Remodeling

Remodeling projects nearly always take longer & cost more than you expect. So just plan on it. Less stress that way.

To avoid an unpleasant surprise when purchasing curtains, carefully check the package to see if there are two panels or only one.

Cooking Magazines & Place SettingMenu Planning

Choose a grocery store day that works for your schedule – even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

Don’t forget to check out the recipes on product packages. You can find some really good ones that way.


If you’re having trouble staying on budget, using cash works wonders.

If you use cash, don’t spend your change.  Save it for special purchases. It’s even better if you make a chart to see your progress.

TimerOdds & Ends

When you get a new appliance, don’t be alarmed if it smells funny during the first couple of uses. That’s normal.

If you have a security system, — USE IT! It won’t do you any good if you don’t turn it on.

When purchasing a new light or light fixture, be sure you have the right light bulbs on hand.

Anytime you shop for something to fit a specific area, take measurements BEFORE you go. Measurements ensure that your item will fit!

bathroom afterOrganizing

When you buy a throw rug for the bathroom, buy two. While you’re washing one, you can go ahead & use the other.

If a system isn’t working, sometimes you have to stop & fix it. It seems like a waste of time but it saves time & frustration in the long run.

If you can’t find time to work on a project, break it down into teeny tiny steps you can fit between tasks or when you have unexpected time.

If you have 2 bathrooms, stock them based on how you use them but have basics in both, like ibuprofen, tums, cough medicine, etc.

When you go to the doctor, write down everything you need to talk about because when you get there, without a list, you’ll forget something important!

When you set up a new system of any kind, don’t expect smooth sailing & don’t abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. You’ll have to make it work!

Hair CareStyle

Having your fashion accessories organized will make them a lot easier and a lot more fun to use.

No time to shampoo your hair? Dry shampoo can hold you over until you have time.

PlannersTime Management/Planners

If you have some quick tasks on your to-do list, mark them with a Q so you can find them easily when you have a few minutes.

“Does your time management stand up in the face of daily life? Or does it retreat at the first sign of resistance?”  Time Management Ninja

When you’re shopping on a day you know the stores will be crowded, like a holiday or weekend, allow plenty of time so you’re not frustrated.

When you’re waiting for something, don’t forget to make a note on your pend list, calendar or in your smart phone.

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