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In case you missed any of the daily tips posted on Facebook and Twitter during the month of July 2013, here they are on one page and grouped by category.  Enjoy.


  • You don’t have to have fancy containers to organize your closets & drawers. Use whatever you have.
  • No room in your house for an office? Look for a closet or corner that might work. Or if all else fails, create a mobile office.
  • If you don’t use a kitchen appliance more than once a month, consider storing it somewhere other than the kitchen.
  • Remember that your refrigerator & freezer are cabinets – cold cabinets. Keep them in the same kind of order you keep your other cabinets.
  • Need stamps soon? Don’t waste time going into the post office – order on-line. It’s quick and easy.
  • Keep post-it note flags handy when you’re looking at cooking magazines so you can flag the recipes you’d like to try.
  • Hang a message board in a central place in your house so family members can leave notes about where they are & what they’re doing.
  • When shopping, be sure each item you put in your cart has a price tag so you don’t waste time waiting for a price check.
  • If possible, avoid doing things at times when everyone else tends to do them. For example, don’t go to the bank at lunchtime, on Fridays or the day before a holiday.
  • Keep your shredder plugged in and near where you process mail. Shred immediately instead of creating a pile for later.
  • Good goals must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely.

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  • No garbage disposal? Put a colander in the sink when rinsing dishes and use it to catch all the food scraps. Then just dump the scraps in the trash.


Time Management/Planners

  • For activities that require conscious attention, there is really no such thing as multi-tasking, only task switching. Christian Jarrett
  • The goal is not to cross off the most tasks on your list. It’s to cross off the ones that really matter.
  • It’s impossible to carry everything around in your head.  Sometimes always gets lost.  Write down what’s important to you.
  • The nice thing about a planner is that you can personalize it any way you want to. Its job is to meet your unique needs.
  • Use your calendar to “warn” you about upcoming events that require action. A few days prior, put a note about the upcoming event.
  • Establishing priorities forces us to rate choices. Unfortunately, too many of us say yes to everything. Having priorities allows you to say no.
  • If you find you’re not getting certain tasks done, try “scheduling” them instead of getting to them when you have a chance.
  • Knowing that all items on your to-do list are not equal and shouldn’t be treated as equal is essential.
  • Create routines whenever possible. Routines mean your unconscious mind knows in advance what is going to be required.

stove Cooking

  • To butter corn on the cob fast, place corn in a zip lock bag with melted butter. Roll the corn around so it’s covered with butter and then remove it with tongs.
  • Before starting your grill, spray the grill rack with nonstick cooking spray when cooking foods that are naturally low in fat.
  • When cooking bacon in the oven, it cooks faster and crisper on a dark pan instead of a shiny one.
  • Garbanzo beans are also called chick peas.
  • Don’t use your salad spinner just for lettuce – it works great for broccoli, too.
  • When making your grocery list, include sizes – 8 oz of cool whip or 12 oz.  You might not remember when you get to the store and end up with the wrong size.
  • Out of cornstarch? Use flour instead. Use double the amount of flour.
  • To cut calories but save money, brown 80/20 ground beef, then drain & rinse the meat before adding the rest of the recipe’s ingredients.


  • If your laundry sat too long in the dryer, add a wet wash rag or dish towel and run it 10 minutes or so. That should take care of the wrinkles.



  • Be careful with coupons. They can save you $ but they can make you spend unnecessarily.

these tips first appeared on Homemakersdaily’s Facebook and Twitter pages

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2 thoughts on “July 2013 Tips, Tricks & Techniques

  1. Yeah, I find that coupons sometimes exist to get people to buy the more expensive product. They aren’t always the great savings that they imply.

    Another money tip is to read the information the store provides on buying bulk products, like a 10 for 10 sales. I just recently went to Target, and they were having a sale for composition books. On the other side, they were selling the books for $1.00 each. With the sale price, I would have spent .60 more money! Likewise, a local grocery store was selling 10 for 10 of saran wrap. It looked like a good deal until I looked at how much was in the boxes. I bought two name brand for $3 and got more than what would have been in those 10 boxes.

    We get trained that a sale is a great deal and a lot of savings, and sometimes it isn’t.

    1. SO true, Linda! I’ve noticed that, too – that sometimes sales aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. A smart shopper needs to “think” about the sales rather than just snatching them up.

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