Laundry Mistakes To Avoid

Top 10When you first learn how to do laundry it is inevitable that you will accidentally put a red sock in with the rest of your white clothing and everything comes out with just a slight tinge of bubble gum pink. Some people learn from this mistake and never do it again.

However, even the most attentive among us has been known to do it a few times. (Like me!) And if we’ve never dyed our clothes a different color by accident we have most certainly shrunk one of our favorite t-shirts or sweaters. It’s also a known fact that socks get lost in the dryer even though you’re sure you put both of them in. Here are the top 10 laundry mistakes that I think most people make.

1. Shrinkage

Shrinkage is one of the common laundry mistakes that we do. Setting the washer too hot or leaving one of your cloth in the dryer may result to shrinkage.

2. Forgetting clothes in the dryer

This is another common mistake that many people do. We often forget one or several clothes in the dryer. This is not a good thing to do since your clothes may wrinkle or shrink.

3. Not reading directions

It is always good to read directions on your laundry machine and on the clothes you are washing or treating. Ignoring this can result to shrunken, damaged or faded garments.

4. Losing socks

Most of the time you use your dryer you will find that socks have a way of disappearing into the hole of the dryer. You have to be extra careful so that you don’t lose socks. Alternatively you can choose to load or put your socks on mesh bags or these cool sock keepers.

5. Using too much powder or detergent.

Most people have a tendency of putting too much detergent into their washing machine. This is not good at all because it may result in dingy clothing and can also damage your machine. Always read instructions on detergent so that you know how much you will use depending on the machine and number of clothes. Alternatively you can use the new pods. I love mine. It keeps the kids from overdoing the detergent too.

6. Sorting errors

Many people don’t know how to sort. Poor sorting can turn your white or good looking shirt into a nightmare. Always separate your dark, colored and white clothes before you put them into the washer. To extend the life of your close also sort out towels from regular clothing.

7. Forgetting to close zippers and empty pockets.

Many people tend to forget some stuff like lipsticks, coins and tissues in the pocket while sorting clothes before wash. It is always good to close zippers and empty those pockets before putting clothes into the washer.

8. Over-stuffing the machine

Many people load excess clothes in the machine than required. Over-stuffing your machine will result to dirtier clothes, shortens the life of your clothes and your machine, or even break your machine.

9. Forgetting stain remover

If you forget stain remover, it will be very difficult to remove that stain again. The heat of the dryer can make it even harder to remove. Always remember your stain remover.

10. Mildew smell

We are used to leaving clothes for too long in the washer. This is not good since you may find that clothes have sour smell.

What is your biggest laundry mistake?

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