Let Your Little Lights Shine! (Turtle Style!)

My husband and I love Jeeps. Our 1999 Cherokee Laredo recently bit the dust and we ended up with another Grand Cherokee Laredo!  You get it.  We love Jeeps.  One thing we don’t love about them though, is the classic “cloudy headlight” problem.  We figured out, however that this issue is not just limited to our dear Cherokee Laredos.

As we headed down the automotive aisle at Walmart, we found tons of kits and sprays for cloudy, dirty headlights.  Little did we know (for once), it’s an easy fix! We were both skeptical but went ahead and picked out a kit by Turtle Wax for about 8 bucks.

Danny was excited to give it a try and I went out to see his progress just as one was finished and one was still opaque.  What a difference! It looked new, and when both were done, it didn’t even look like the same vehicle!  Not only did it improve the appearance of the vehicle but it also improved our night driving.

So don’t let an automotive shop charge you 30 dollars to fix this problem when you can do it yourself for under 10!  We will buy this product again when the time comes, and if you have dirty cloudy headlights, you should too!

Let those little lights shine!

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2 thoughts on “Let Your Little Lights Shine! (Turtle Style!)

  1. to bad you did not get to this article sooner. I have two new lens covers in my garage waiting for Mark to put them on. He suggested we purchase them. I will have to tell him about the fix.

    Thanks for this article


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