Lori’s Story: A Lesson in Weight Loss Perseverance

If you read last week’s article about single serving blenders and my sister-in-law, Lori’s, success with BodyByVi shakes, you might have also wondered about her weight loss story.  If so, you’re in for a treat.  She wrote an awesome article about her journey along with some things she’s learned along the way.

by Lori Gardner

I have been a heavy girl my entire life.  At 5’2”, I’ve fluctuated between 160 and 190 pounds since I was 20 and newly married.  Even in college I was still a big girl – briefly seeing 140 on the scale for about 5 minutes during a couple of whirlwind months when I fell in love with my (soon-to-be) husband.

My size has ALWAYS been an issue for me, preventing me from doing physical things that I enjoy, even feeling comfortable socializing.  In the fall of 2007, I decided to take action and joined a weight loss class at the gym.  Over the next couple years, I dabbled in exercise and healthy eating to a much greater extent than ever before and I had some success.  Still, my weight fluctuated up and down and often I was losing the same 15-20 pounds I’d just gained back.  Summertime was especially challenging, bringing with it a lack of routine and lots of backyard parties and vacations.

In the spring of 2009, a friend approached me about running the Chicago Marathon to raise funds for WorldVision.  The more I learned about this amazing cause, the more I wanted to be a part of it – but again, my size was preventing me from just saying yes.  I passed on the marathon but continued running on my own and trying one diet after the next.

In the spring of 2010, this same friend approached me again, and I finally thought that maybe I had lost enough weight to run in shorts in public.  I loved supporting WorldVision, so I signed up.  I trained hard for the marathon and completed all 26.2 miles in October of 2010 – oh, and I also gained 10 pounds.  How a person gains 10 pounds training for a marathon is beyond me, but I’m gifted that way.  I set out to shed that weight right after I crossed the finish line but nothing happened for me.  I needed help.

In February of 2011, I started taking Zumba and joined Jenny Craig.  Jenny really helped me start to manage my portions which I didn’t realize were way out of control.  Shaking my butt in Zumba class was intimidating at first, but I loved the way the music took my mind off of the sweat.  These things together, along with running intervals a couple times a week, helped me take off 15 pounds by September, and I ran the Chicago Half Marathon.  I was beginning to feel more confident — so much so that I decided to get my Zumba license to teach in December.

Not long after that, I realized that my results had pretty much stalled out.  I had a friend who was a figure competitor, and in February of 2012, she designed a hardcore, serious nutrition and workout plan for me.  I stuck to it like flies on poop, recording each morsel of food and every hour of cardio, prepping all my food on Sundays, even weighing every piece of food that went into my mouth (just saying it’s one cup wasn’t accurate enough!) In spite of having the most discipline I have ever had, I was in a plateau and it just wouldn’t budge.  I tracked my measurements and lost 1 inch over 4 months’ time – negligible results for the effort I was putting in.

Finally a complete stranger introduced me to the BodyByVi shakes.  I was resistant, telling my husband that “I don’t do gimmicks.”  Hubby encouraged me to try them anyway, especially given my frustration with everything else.  The second week I was on the shakes, I dropped 3 pounds .  And then I dropped another 3 pounds the week after that.  I’ve now lost a total of 7-8 pounds on the shakes and I’m still seeing results – in fact, I dropped another dress size in the last month.  Of all the things I’ve tried in recent years (Wheat Belly Diet, Dukan Diet, 17-Day Diet, South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Clean Eating, Jenny Craig…you name it, I’ve done it) the BodyByVi shakes are by far the easiest, most economical and most effective FOR ME.  They aren’t a magic pill, they’re just a tool–but they moved me off of a plateau that I think was caused by so much dieting.  They’re good nutrition packed into a 90 calorie drink that’s friendly for diabetics, heart patients, and people with allergies.  I hate to be a walking sales pitch, but when you love something and it works so well, you just want people to know.

I’m still in process, but there are a couple of things I’ve noted as tipping points in this journey:

#1 – When I gave up “all or nothing” eating plans and began to approach food with every day sensibility, things started to change in my mind.

#2 – When I started to see certain “eating events” as a challenge and get excited about strategizing to stay on plan in spite of the challenge, that was a major paradigm shift.  (Like vacation – it can be an opportunity to figure out how to incorporate your meal plan…instead of an “Oh, never mind, I’m on vacation” kind of thing.)

#3 – It sounds really silly, but I invested time in convincing my mind that I could be thin.  I used visualization techniques, hypnosis CDs, even motivational “mantras” to help keep my mind in the game.  Changing your size is often about changing your mind more so than ANY physical habit you can learn.  I prayed about it too, asking God for His help and for results—and I still do all of these things.

#4 — Don’t quit, don’t stop, don’t give up.  If you fall off the plan, just get back on and don’t beat yourself up over a failed moment/day/year.  Success often just means “Not Quitting.”

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9 thoughts on “Lori’s Story: A Lesson in Weight Loss Perseverance

  1. Very well done, Lori! I always enjoy a success story like this, so when you were mentioned in dispatches last week, I hoped we’d get the full low-down in due course. You kept going against the odds and you changed course when you plateau-ed and it has all paid off for you. The cream in the coffee, if I dare mention such a thing, is that you helped a very worthwhile cause as well. Congratulations!

    1. Cath – glad you saw the article. I decided to have Lori write it after you mentioned you’d like to read her story. I’ll pass your kind words on to her.

  2. Very good story and so encouraging to others. So proud of your weight success. Hope to see you all Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  3. What a great inspiring story. Zuma is awesome! I also agree with picking yourself up and keep going when you have a setback.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      Lori was amazing with her determination! I watched her through this journey and she just kept going despite the setbacks. I was inspired, too!

  4. What a great story! How wonderful for her and what a testament to hard work.

    Don’t give up — I needed that today.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a great weekend.

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