Making the Most of Your Calendar

Everyone has a calendar, but the average person isn’t getting the most out of his/her calendar.  Calendars are for more than just recording appointments but that’s all most people use them for.

Here are some items that could be recorded on your calendar:

  • When you need to order refills of medications
  • When you need to schedule an appointment (for example, if you go to the doctor once a year, put a reminder on your calendar a month before you need to go)
  • When your car is due for an oil change or tire rotation or other service
  • When library books are due
  • When the thrift store is coming to pick up your extra stuff
  • When to give your dog his/her heartworm medicine
  • When to take the dog/cat to the vet
  • When to buy more heartworm medicine
  • When to change the batteries in your smoke alarm
  • When to test the batteries in your smoke alarm (I do it monthly)
  • When friends or family members have something special going on – surgery, test, contest, event, etc.
  • When a speeding ticket must be paid
  • Information about events on your calendar (for example, address where a reception will be held, directions, and host’s contact information)
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • When to mail a birthday or anniversary card
  • Tax payment due dates
  • Appointments (of course)
  • Deadlines
  • Renewal dates for magazines, services, products

The purpose of your calendar is to help you remember what you need to do.  So think outside the box.  Don’t limit yourself just to appointments.  Record whatever information that will help you do what you need to do.  Remember it’s your calendar – use it YOUR way!


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