May 2014 Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Tips, Tricks & Techniques
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In case you missed any of the daily tips posted on Facebook and Twitter, here they are on one page and grouped by category.  Enjoy.

cleaning Don’t wait until the kitchen trash can is full & overflowing before you dump it. Dump it just a little before it needs it. Keep a travel size package of baby wipes in your car for those occasions when you need to wipe something off. If your house is a mess & you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start, pick the room that bugs you the most & work on that room. If you don’t have time to “clean”, at least pick up the clutter & sweep the floors.  Those two things will make the house look cleaner. Cooking When adding cream cheese to baked goods, be sure you bring it to room temperature first.  If you don’t, it tends to be lumpy. Jazz up your potato salad by adding bacon, ham, pepperoni, capers, olives, pickles, veggies OR fresh herbs. Refrigerate soups in shallow containers so they cool rapidly. Store eggs & milk in the main compartment of the fridge NOT in the door! In the door, temperatures are warmer & tend to fluctuate more. When making a recipe that has several recipes on the same page, cover the recipes you’re NOT using so you don’t get mixed up. Cool pans between batches of cookies.  If you put cookie dough on warm sheets, the dough will begin to spread and cook immediately. Don’t rely on guessing to determine if meat is done. Use an instant read thermometer and know for sure. Entertaining If you’re having guests & feeling stressed, sit down & make a detailed list. Don’t rely on your memory. It doesn’t work well when stressed. If cooking for guests isn’t your thing, don’t invite people over for food. Have them come over AFTER dinner for a movie or games. healthy Treat your daily calorie allowance like your budget. Use most calories for the necessities like fruits & vegetables & use what’s left for fun. Holidays If you can’t find the perfect birthday card, consider writing a “birthday letter” instead. homedecor Adding flowers to a room makes it look brighter and more pleasing. Fresh flowers are best but a nice silk arrangement works, too. menuplan Menu planning doesn’t have to be for a week or more at a time. You can plan tomorrow’s menu tonight using what you have on hand. money Analyze your spending at the end of each month & see how you could have done better. oddsnends “Your current actions are creating your future.”  from The 12 Week Year. “If a bird gets in your house, toss a pillowcase or very light blanket over it to safely get it outside.” Laurie @ If you can’t find something at the grocery store, ASK for help. Products aren’t always where we expect them to be & employees can help. Most people go to more effort to do things the wrong way than just doing them the right way to start with. Always lock your car! I was out the other day & saw a guy trying car doors in the parking lot. He passed on the ones that were locked. When using spray products, be sure the can is pointed the right direction before pushing the button. OrganizingIf you’re putting something away or out of sight & it needs additional processing, be sure you record a reminder somewhere. Organizing containers don’t have to be fancy. Use shoe boxes, baby wipe containers, Kleenex boxes & whatever else you have on hand. StyleIf you haven’t made a habit of using conditioner on your hair, you might want to give it a try. I’ve been using it lately & it’s made my hair feel awesome. TimemanagementIf you have trouble stopping once you start working on something, set a timer to let you know when your time is up. If your day goes crazy, don’t give up. Stop and regroup and go forward from where you are. But never give up!!! When you’re paralyzed by indecision & overwhelmed by the things you need to do, stop & figure out a way to get through it. It’s okay NOT to make a to-do list sometimes. Once in a while you just need a break. Pick a day when you don’t have anything urgent & skip the list. But just for one day!

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2 thoughts on “May 2014 Tips, Tricks & Techniques

  1. On calorie allowances: Those snack bars everyone sells sometimes have 300 calories. That’s a lot of calories getting used on something very small, especially since you’ll be hungry an hour later.

    On Organizing: Organizing containers do need to be suited to how you think and work. Just because the organizing industry recommends something doesn’t mean it will work for you. One of the single worst organizing tools for me that is regularly recommended is the notebook or binder. I’m lucky to get the papers shoved into the binder. Punched? Not a chance.

    1. Snack bars are definitely high in calories. And the ones that are low aren’t very satisfying.

      I feel the same way about binders. Too much trouble.

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