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Always know Whats For Dinner!

Always know Whats For Dinner!I get so tired of hearing “MOM!!! Whats for dinner?!?” I promise you my little angels wake up in the morning asking it! Not to mention the stress of looking at the clock at 5 PM knowing you haven’t even thought about dinner for the night!

Menu plans save time and money and avoid that age old question, “What should I make for dinner?”  But sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about making a menu plan. I mean get real, I get overwhelmed thinking of one meal at a time let alone a week or month at a time! BUT I figured out one way to do it – with a formula.  This is one I’ve seen used in the past:

  • Mexican –
  • Pasta –
  • Beef –
  • Chicken –
  • Sandwich –
  • Soup/Stew –
  • Leftovers –

All you do is plug your recipes or favorite meals into the categories and then add the ingredients needed to your shopping list.  When you get home, assign a day for each meal and you’re good to go.

Check out our shopping list printable to make the shopping trip a breeze!

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