Menu Planning Doesn’t Have To Give You a Headache: Tips For Making It Easier

Make a list of meals your family likes to eat and you like to cook and make your menu using that list.

Subscribe to one of the menu planning services or look at one of the blogs with meal plan samples.

Don’t plan too many labor intensive dishes for one meal.

Make it easy sometimes – frozen pizza.

If you have time and the desire to cook from scratch, that’s great.  If you don’t, instead of opting for fast food or straight up processed food, use the semi-homemade idea and use some convenience foods to speed up and simplify the process.

Plan your meals based on your schedule.

Make a list of everything you need.  Nothing’s more frustrating than getting ready to prepare a recipe and not having what you need.

Plan one meal each day.  Instead of planning a week’s worth of meals at one time, plan one meal each day.  I like to do it that way sometimes.  I tend to be more creative and I’m more willing to look through magazines or on-line for new recipes.

Plan one month at a time.  If you really don’t like planning meals, do it once for the whole month.  If you do that a couple of months, you can save your plan and rotate it.

Save your menus.  If you have a week where you don’t feel like planning or don’t have time,  re-use one you’ve used before.

Get input from your family.

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My name is Patty & I'm a full-time homemaker. I've been a full-time homemaker most of my adult life. I thought I'd probably go back to work when my kids were grown, and I did briefly, but I came back home as soon as my first grandchild was born. I learned that home was my favorite place to be and homemaking was and is my calling.

7 thoughts on “Menu Planning Doesn’t Have To Give You a Headache: Tips For Making It Easier

  1. I like the idea of making it easy sometimes! I don’t feel like I have to go all out everyday and that relieves a lot of pressure. Speaking of pressure, my tip to add is to use a pressure cooker! I’ve been blogging about pressure cooker recipes recently and they save so much time!

      1. My dad always used a pressure cooker and it made things taste better along with cooking faster. It was really good for things like collard or turnip greens or beans.
        I have been afraid to use one though. I remember my parents’ pressure cooker exploded one day and we had greens everywhere, even the ceiling. If someone had been in the kitchen at the time, they would have been seriously hurt.

        1. I’ve never used a pressure cooker. My mom did, though. I’m kind of afraid of them, too. Unless I have a good reason to do it, I’ll probably never try one either. But I have friends who swear by them.

          Glad nobody was hurt at your house. I bet that was a gigantic mess!

          1. Just chiming in on the pressure cookers, they’ve reworked them so they pretty much don’t explode now. I was worried about that too when my mom got me one but the newer ones aren’t like the ones we grew up with.

          2. Good to know! Thanks for the update. Sometime I will probably do an article on pressure cookers. I guess I’ll have to get one first, though.

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