Mopping Made Easy

Mopping Made Easy

Mopping has always been a challenge for me because of all the traffic in my house – people and pets.  Cleaning the floors on my hands and knees was too much work but using the strip mop left the floors wet for too long.

Years ago I discovered the Swiffer Wet Jet.  I loved it because it allowed me to clean my floors easily and they dried fast.  But I didn’t like having to buy the pads and cleaning solution. Even though there are plenty of ways to make your own pads (hello tube socks) and cleaning solution refill (vinegar)

I found a way to get around the cleaning solution. Do not refill it, mix up pine sol or another cleaner and put it in a spray bottle. Simply spray it on the floor and mop it up. This is good for small touch up mopping.

A couple of months ago I found a new mop – the Rubbermaid Reveal, purchased at Home Depot for about $30.  It’s the same idea as the Swiffer Wet Jet but it has a washable cleaning pad and a refillable bottle for the cleaning solution.  This is my dream mop!  It has the convenience of the Wet Jet but doesn’t require any refills.

If you haven’t seen the Rubbermaid Reveal, you might want to check it out and see if it will make mopping easier and cheaper for you, too.

RubberMaid Revel

Rubbermaid Reveal

Spray Mop kit
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6 thoughts on “Mopping Made Easy

  1. Goodto know that. Those pads and bottle refills were really expensive. I stopes using that just for that reason.

  2. I have the libman mop that sounds similar. I love that you wash the pad and put whatever cleaning solution I want instead of having to buy what they tell me. I have laminate wood and use a vinegar/water solution.

    1. I usually use Pine Sol – I like the way it smells. But David used the mop recently and switched to vinegar. I was mopping and was surprised (and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise) to smell vinegar instead of my normal piney scent. You can have the vinegar and I’ll stick with the pine sol, although I think the vinegar did a better job.

  3. My husband bought this for me recently. I’ve been wanting one since the Libman ones came out last year. I really like it. The pad looks grungy even when it’s been through the wash…that’s my only complaint. I do like being able to use all different cleaners in it though.

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