My Laundry Routine

Washer & Dryer

Washer & Dryer

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I want to start out by confessing that I’m not as good at laundry as I used to be but I’m still pretty darn good.  It’s one of my few claims to fame as a homemaker.

So I thought, just for fun, I’d give you a glimpse of my typical laundry routine.  Here we go:

1.       I usually do laundry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

2.       I gather the laundry and dump it all in one basket.  We have a basket in our bedroom (mainly for my stuff) and a basket in Calvie’s room where David keeps his clothes.  I usually also grab the towels from the bathroom and any dish towels in the kitchen.

3.       I head downstairs to our pretty ugly laundry room.  The laundry room has a 10-year-old washer and dryer, a sorter, a large trash can, an ironing board I never use, a drying rack and a rug to stand on.

4.       Using the sorter, I sort the laundry into colds, darks and whites.  I know it’s not really necessary to sort this way, but I still prefer to.  If I have small loads of whites and darks, I sometimes combine them.

Laundry Sorter

5.       I usually start with the darks because it’s the biggest load and I want to be sure to get it done.  If I can’t do anything else, it’s the most important.  I don’t buy expensive laundry soap – usually something inexpensive but not the cheapest.  I always buy fragrance free soap and dryer sheets.  For a while I was making my own laundry soap using this recipe (you can see it here) and I really loved that.  But I ran out and I just haven’t taken the time to make more.


6.       I start the first load and come upstairs and set a timer for about 40 minutes.  If I don’t set a timer, I may or may not remember to ever deal with the laundry again.  Seriously.  Timers are the key to getting laundry done.

7.       When the timer goes off, I go down and move the darks to the dryer and put the whites in the washer.  I make sure the buzzer is set on the dryer.

Dryer buzzer

I also take this opportunity to clean out the lint trap before I turn the dryer on:

Lint Trap on Dryer

Lint Trap on Dryer

I usually also take this opportunity to tidy up the washer and dryer.

Top of Dryer
See how messy it is?
Washer & Dryer
I wipe it off using one of the dirty towels.

Then I go upstairs and set a timer for about an hour.  Yes, I set the timer on the dryer but it never hurts to have a back-up just in case I don’t hear it or I ignore it.

8.       When the timer goes off, I go downstairs and start unloading the dryer.  I hang up shirts and pants immediately.  Everything else is tossed in the basket.  If the loads are really big, I might go ahead and take the darks upstairs and fold them and put them away.  But if the loads are small, I usually just wait and do them all at once.  Once upstairs, I set the timer.

Laundry hanging

Laundry basket

9.       After the timer goes off, I go back down and unload the whites, again hanging up any shirts or pants and dumping the rest in the basket.  If I have enough colds, I’ll go ahead and do those next.  If not, I’ll wait until the next laundry day.

10.       I take the basket and hang-up clothes upstairs with me.  Until recently, I dumped it all on Calvie’s bed and folded there.  But his room is currently dismantled while we paint so I have to take the basket upstairs to my bed and fold there.  Everything is folded and then put away.




Laundry is done until next time.  That’s my routine.  What’s yours?

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10 thoughts on “My Laundry Routine

  1. I usually end up waiting until Sunday at 3:00 because I don’t like doing laundry at all. Sometimes I do it earlier, but not that often. I stuff everything into a laundry bag, haul it down three flights of stairs. I toss the load into the washing machine and add the laundry detergent — Arm & Hammer’s Free and Clear because I have allergies and cannot stand the chemical fragrance. Delicate wash because it has cold water and I can wash everything together. Go back upstairs, set the timer for 23 minutes. Then back downstairs to make the dryer transfer. I always try to get the dryer on the right because the one on the left doesn’t dry the clothes completely. If both dryers are busy, everything goes back up with me, and I hang it in the closet and on a rack to dry. If I get a dryer, another 45 minutes on the timer. Then I do a quick fold on everything so it doesn’t wrinkle, and haul it back upstairs. Then I’ve had enough of laundry, so I leave the pile in my bed until it annoys me later on, and then I hang up the clothes. I keep some of the smaller items like socks and underwear in Rubbermaid cube boxes. I just bring both those out, set them on the floor and drop the items in, then put them back.

  2. Thanks to some of your ideas, I’ve been doing much better at laundry in the last year or so. I’ve learned a lot from everyone’s comments so hopefully sharing my current little laundry system might help someone else.

    We have well water and a septic tank, so I cannot do an everything-on-one-day laundry party, or else we’d run out of water and/or overload the septic system.
    Monday: husband’s laundry, bed linens, towels
    Tuesday: my laundry (bed linens, towels – in case I was feeling lazy the day before, or wasn’t home)
    Friday: boy’s clothes (bed linens as needed)
    Saturday: girls’ clothes (bed linens as needed)
    Folding is not my forte, but I try to fold in the evening. Let’s say it’s Saturday evening, I get the girls ready for bed then I sing lots of lullabies to them while I fold and put their clothes straight into their dressers. If I haven’t taken time to stay current with folding, I take all the languishing clean clothes to the master bedroom and listen to podcast sermons or an audio book on my headphones while I fold. Doing laundry is not my favorite task, but I certainly like having clean clothes in all the dressers and closets.

    1. Great idea singing lullabies or listening to something while you fold. Then you might actually look forward to folding! Well, maybe that’s a bit extreme.

      Thank you for sharing your system and your reasons.

  3. W have four adults living here and everyone does their own laundry. This is the result of life changes due to health issues. Like you, I buy laundry products that work without breaking the bank, but I do not buy scented softeners due to allergies. “Scenting” is done using sachets int he closets and drawers.

    Everybody has their day for laundry and their own methods. I do not need to explain the differences. I am the “fussy” one. For my laundry, I use only Woolite in all three types. I like the product and I like the results, so I stay with it. Our very hard water has a high level of iron and manganese in it, which turns things gray and can leave rust marks, so nothing is left wet in the washer. To bleach, I cannot use chlorine bleach (makes things even grayer), so I use lemon juice, which also helps sanitize things. I can also use the Oxy-type products, but they do not sanitize and can cause fading over time. Pastels and whites are usually washed together. Bedding is washed all by itself so that the detergent actually rinses out of them. I deal with towels the same way. I cannot use hot water or the graying effects are worse. Colors are washed together and the darks are done last. Most of my tees and such are cotton and I do not use softener on them. I line dry them in the garage and put them on air fluff for a few minutes, then hang them and take them indoors. Knits are all done that way so that they do not “pill” which happens when they are placed in the dryer when wet. It means more steps in doing the laundry, but it comes out the way I want it to. We re all adults in this house, so if anyone wants to use another product or products, they can do so. My husband and I have been doing our laundry this way for over 40 years with no problems. On occasion, the graying shows up on the whites, so I use two cups of white vinegar to get the residue out. Oddly, the clothes do not require softener after vinegar.

  4. I love to do laundry! I know I’m weird. I made a schedule about 2 years ago (ADD here) and it works for me.
    Mondays: Bedrooms, so I do the sheets
    Tuesdays: Bathrooms, so I wash towels
    Wednesdays and Saturdays: Regular laundry
    Other items get done as needed on Thursdays. So maybe one Thursday a month.
    I only dry my towels in the dryer. Everything else goes on the clothesline out back. If it is raining on any of those days, I either hold off till the next week (plenty of towels and sheets to do this) or if it is our clothing, will hang them in the bathrooms.
    I make our own laundry detergent, as my daughter is very allergic to scents and dyes and the free stuff is just too expensive. I use vinegar for fabric softener.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Cee. I loved reading about your laundry routine. But I do think you’re a little nuts. You LOVE laundry???!!! That’s just weird!!!

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