Need a Number but Your Phone is AWOL?

When You Need a Phone Number but Your Phone is AWOL!

When You Need a Phone Number but Your Phone is AWOL!Do you have all the important phone numbers in your phone’s contacts memorized?

Have you ever forgotten your phone or it ran out of juice and you needed to call someone but didn’t know their number? Or anyone else’s number?

This happened to my husband a while back.  He had truck trouble on his way to work but didn’t have his phone.  He was able to get his truck to a store parking lot and went inside to call me.  But … he didn’t know the number.  He finally remembered our daughter’s number and called her.  She didn’t answer so he left a message for her to call me.  She called me and I went to rescue him.

All this could have been avoided if he had all our numbers memorized.  But these days, who has all the numbers memorized.  We don’t dial them anymore – we just push a button and the numbers are magically dialed.

To avoid this from happening again, I used an old business card and wrote all our numbers on the back.  David keeps this card in his wallet.  If he’s ever without his phone or it’s not charged and he needs us, he has the numbers handy.

When You Need a Phone Number but Your Phone is AWOL!

Has this ever happened to you?


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4 thoughts on “Need a Number but Your Phone is AWOL?

  1. Yup. I’ve had this problem before. Suddenly had to work overtime a few years back, and this was right after (and I mean like a week after) I had gotten my drivers license…and my phone was dead, and didn’t know the number to call my Mister to say “don’t worry, I’m working late, will be home later, your truck is fine” xD Instead, had to call my mom to have her call him and tell him (thank goodness my mom has had the same phone number for the past, oh, 10 years, ha!).
    So I now do the same thing – I have a card in my wallet, both his work phone and his cell phone, just in case. Haven’t needed it yet, but I suppose that’s the point 😉

  2. I actually dial a lot of numbers (use landlines at home and at work) so do remember a lot of phone numbers. But not nearly as many as I did back when we ONLY used landlines. I keep most numbers in my filofax but have not copied them into my new Franklin planner.

    1. I hardly ever use a landline anymore but I do remember quite a few numbers. I have them in my planner and my phone – just in case!

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