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Have you ever needed a snack (or even lunch) while you were away from home but didn’t have time, money or access to food?  That happens to my husband on a fairly regular basis.  He has come home starving a couple of times when he didn’t pack enough lunch or had to work longer than he expected and missed a meal.  He doesn’t have access to vending machines (and most of the stuff in those aren’t that great anyway) and he doesn’t eat out.  So we solved that problem by creating a snack stash.

I purchased a lunch box and filled it with snacks.  He keeps the bag in his truck and I refill it as needed.  It includes things like:

  • Trail  mix
  • Tuna or Chicken salad snack kits
  • Granola bars (but not chocolate – if it’s hot, they’ll melt) or protein bars
  • Single servings of fig newtons or other cookies
  • Single serving cans of V8 or orange juice
  • Beef  jerky
  • Peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews

My daughter ended up copying the idea and creating a “stash” for herself at her job.  She doesn’t have access to vending machines but sometimes she needs a snack.  The snack stash to the rescue!

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