From One Slob to Another….


My girlfriend and I LOVE going to Mexican restaurants. It is one of our go to girl time activities. What is not to love about them? You have colorful decor chips and that nectar from heaven they call cheese dip.

Oh that dip! Guys I am telling you it is truly one of the greatest gifts we have been given. Well food gift anyway! So back to the restaurant. We get the chips, salsa, and dip and we are set to have a good long gab session. Right in the middle of me telling her about how my daughter walked out of the bathroom at church with her skirt tucked into her undies I see/feel the drip.

You know the one I am talking about. It is almost the one that slides off the chip in slow motion as you are trying your best to get your other hand there to catch it before it gets on your new blouse. Now if you are lucky the drip is cheese dip and not salsa. If you are even luckier it is NOT a new shirt you are wearing.

But who are we kidding? I have never been lucky. So there it goes, the drip that stains your shirt.

Dear friends, I know I am probably behind the times on this one. They have been out a while. BUT I have found a new (to me) way to save my shirts! It will let us end the salsa stains and dirt smears that we wear daily as an accessory to our favorite outfits. The Tide To Go Stick has come to save us!

The Tide To Go Stick is a pen-sized little do-hickey that is designed for the messy and the clumsy, the child or the proud owner of a child.  Just like a marker, place the tip on the infamous spot that you or your spawn added to your already complete outfit and work the stain a little. Wallah!

Two Reasons I like it:

  • You don’t have to wear that mustard all day in honor of your lunch anymore!
  • The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to get out of clothes later. The Tide To Go Stick removes the stain immediately which makes laundry a little easier.

The Tide To Go Stick is affordable and can be found at most local grocery stores . . . sometimes even at the check-out!  So, stain no more!

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6 thoughts on “From One Slob to Another….

  1. Very good to know! I have always wondered if it actually works, but never knew anyone that had actually tried it! I am going to have to buy a few- one for home, one for my purse or car for when we are out and I know a certain person that could use it for her also!! 😉

    1. They definitely work! All the girls in my family have them in their purses. I also have one in the drawer in the kitchen for little touch-ups and we have one in the bathroom closet. I think I might even have one in the glove box of the car. I hate walking around with a stain on my clothes and sometimes just water won’t take care of it. The Tide stick usually works.

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