One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

Spice Drawer

Spice Drawer


I have a LOT of spices.  In the past, my husband has always come up with an efficient way to store them.  But in this house, he’s been so busy remodeling the whole house that he hasn’t had time to get to that – despite my frequent complaints.

I’ve tried several different approaches with only limited success.  But I finally had enough.  No, I didn’t make my husband fix it. I fixed it myself and I’m quite pleased with the results.

Take a look at this afternoon’s 30 minute project:

  1. First I removed all the spices from the drawer and set them up on the counter.

One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

  1. Then I cleaned out the drawer. Apparently some of the spices had spilled – probably because I didn’t put the lids on tight.  Oops.

One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

  1. I went through the spices looking for ones that were really old, duplicates or rarely used.
  1. I labeled the top of each spice bottle so I could see at a glance what was in the bottle. I used a black sharpie on the bottles that with light colored lids and a silver sharpie on the bottles with dark lids.One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer


  1. I put the new storage containers in the drawer and put the spices back. I got the containers at Dollar Tree for $1 for 4 trays.

One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

  1. I almost had enough room for everything but I did have to double stack a couple of the short spice bottles and put some of them in the extra space along the back and side of the storage containers.

One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

I am one happy camper!  The drawer looks a lot better and now I won’t have to spend 15 minutes digging for the one spice I need.

Do you have a lot of spices?  How are yours organized?

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15 thoughts on “One Way to Organize a Spice Drawer

  1. My organization method was to cut back and to use substitutions. I had a lot of spices that didn’t get used much and ended up being thrown away because they were too old (the spices you get in the grocery store are already 18 months old). I brought freshly ground, both from online (here: and from a local store. I could buy an ounce in a bag and put it in a half jar. I brought basil, oregano, sage, thyme, paprika, cinnamon, and ancho chili peppers (covers red pepper and cayenne). From the local shop, I got some different curries and vanilla powder. In most cases, that group of spices can serve as substitutes for other spices. Like if I want to use cumin but don’t have it, I can substitute in the ancho chili peppers. Then I’m also using the spices, and not spending a fortune on it.

  2. That’s a great idea Patty. Hub and I are fortunate enough to have a corner cabinet with a 3-tier built-in turn table that we keep our spices on. The top tier (that I rarely go to) I store baking type spices and supplies such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, extracts, chips, , sprinkles, colored sugars, etc. The middle one houses the short bottles and moderately used spices and seasonings (celery seed, anise, fennel, Kitchen Bouquet, sage, thyme, etc.) The bottom one is the highest and houses my most commonly used (garlic powder, oregano, parsley, jar of unpeeled garlic, salt & pepper, paprika, Italian seasoning)

  3. I like your methods to contain the madness! I have a horizontal stadium seating style rack in the spice drawer that holds a lot of spices. Taller oversized containers are on an OXO spinner lazy Susan in the cabinet. Those dollar store baskets are wonderful. CAT

    1. I had something like that in my spice drawer at my old house, CAT. It worked really well! I miss it!!!

      And you’re right – those baskets are wonderful. I bought a bunch not knowing how many I would need so I’m looking for more stuff to organize!

  4. Good for you! My spice drawer is also a drawer. I have around 100 different kinds right now. They are in small glass jars by Libby, and I used a label maker to label the tops. Love what you have done.

    1. I love your organizing method. I have the same method, I used round white stickers for tops and wrote with black sharpie to label.

      1. I thought about the stickers – that would probably work better – but I didn’t have any. I’m loving having the drawer organized. It’s so nice to open it and see where everything is. I use my spices a lot.

  5. After two moves and realizing some of the spices dated to before we were married, I adapted a trick from the closet organizing world. I turned all my spices upside down. I could still tell what they were, and I turned them back up as I used them. After about 6 weeks, I hadn’t used 2/3 of them.

    I tossed the unused ones (except a few baking ones. I moved those to a small box in the pantry cabinet with the flour, etc.) The regularly used “dinner” ones got moved to a drawer on the left side of the stove, with one of those fancy tiered drawer systems that I found cheap on Amazon.

    So now spices are grabbed, used, recapped and back in the drawer lickety-split.

  6. I bought a used Keurig coffee holder at a rummage sale and it holds the small bottles of spices. I labeled the bottom or top of them with a Sharpie and now I can see, at a glance, what I have available in my spice collection. Bigger bottles of spices, I place in a drawer on their side (make sure the lids are shut) with the labels facing up.

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