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I must be at least a little bit lazy because I’m always looking for easier ways to do things – my medicine, for example.  I take three pills every night before I go to bed.  Two of the meds come in those annoying foil packs.

medicine - foil packs

The third comes in a bottle.  I don’t mind the bottle but I HATE those foil packs.  For some reason, I have a lot of trouble getting the pills out.

So I went to my local Wal-mart and found this container:

medicine organizer

I proceeded to put my three pills in each compartment.  Then at bedtime, I opened up the correct compartment and removed the pills.  Easy.  Except that a week went by SO fast that it seemed like I was always refilling the container.  Or not refilling it and fighting with the foil packets.

Not one to deal with an annoying situation for long, I went back to Wal-mart to see if there was another option.  There was.  I got this:

medicine organizer

I know it’s designed for morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime, but I’m using it for week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4.  Using it this way, it holds four weeks worth of pills.  I remove the day’s meds and leave the flap open so I know where I left off.

medicine organizer

And when I get to the first blue box, I know it’s time to order a refill.  Awesome!!!

Obviously if you take pills at multiple times each day or have a lot, you’ll have to use this as designed instead of for a month.  But whatever your situation, there are lots of options for organizing your pills regardless of the number or frequency.  And you don’t have to use boxes designed specifically for pills.  Walk through your local craft store, hardware store, container store or kitchen store and you’ll find tons of containers that could work as a pill organizer.   Or you can do like my mom does and use small baggies that are organized and labeled.  Just think outside the box!  Literally!!!

Do you take meds? How do you organize yours?

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4 thoughts on “One Way to Organize Meds

  1. homey- good plan, and good example of problem solving. meds are a booger. thought when i got old i would retire, but instead have become a professional patient, very time consuming.
    best wishes

  2. I take meds morning, mid-day, and evening. I have three weekly containers, in three different designs. That way, if I’m half asleep when I take my morning meds and it’s still kind of dark, I have no trouble grabbing the right container. I’m really good at always taking my meds, and they aren’t in difficult containers, but I noticed I couldn’t remember five minutes later if I’d taken them or just thought I needed to but didn’t follow through. Keeping them in the weekly containers lets me instantly know if I took them or not. And I’ve gotten into a routine. I refill them all Monday afternoon. That gets me through Sunday evening (when I’m worn out) and Monday morning (when I’m recovering from Sunday). I try to get it done early, but if I haven’t gotten it done by the time my alarm goes off at three in the afternoon (to remind me to take my afternoon pills, which are the only ones I ever forget), then I hit snooze and don’t turn it off until I’ve refilled them. Plus, since I have them in three separate containers, if I know I’m going to be out of the house in the afternoon, I can just stick that container in my purse so I have them when I need them. It works for me, and that’s what matters, right?

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