Need an Extra Table Sometimes?

Folding table

Have you ever had one of those times when you needed seating for 18 but your table only fit 8?  Or you had a big project to do but you didn’t want to cover your dining room table for three weeks while you worked on it.  Or you needed a place to fold your laundry or sort a pile of papers?  I’ve dealt with all those scenerios in the past with a great amount of frustration.   I just didn’t have a … [Read more...]

Pizza, Pizza Everywhere!

4pizzas edit

Just about everybody loves pizza and the best part is that there are SO many options!!!  You can use just about anything for a topping and you can use just about anything for a crust.  Here are some of our favorite toppings: Cheese, of course, but not just mozzarella – how about some feta or goat cheese Sauce – traditional tomato, but you can also brush the crust with olive oil and then … [Read more...]

Yes, There’s a Correct Order for Cleaning!

Order of Cleaning

Any cleaning that you do, whether it’s done correctly, perfectly or in the right order, is still a good thing.  However, if you’ve ever wondered if there’s a correct order, there is – sort of. The correct order depends on a lot of things, including how much cleaning you’re doing and your standards.  But generally speaking, here are some guidelines: 1.       Tidy first and then clean.  It’s a … [Read more...]

My Planner Works Well When I . . .

Planner Page

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your planner works extremely well and other times it doesn’t work at all?  There’s a reason for that.  Actually, for me, there are 8 reasons. 1.       Having it open and convenient.  If my planner is closed, in another room, trapped in my purse or buried under a pile of papers, I won’t use it.  For me, having it open and available is the biggest key to using … [Read more...]

Red Lentil Soup

Red Lentil Soup

My mother-in-law is a great cook and I’ve gotten most of my favorite recipes from her.  This Red Lentil Soup is a recent one.  Okay – it’s not my favorite but David likes it a lot. Ingredients: 1 cup red lentils (1) 1-1/2 teaspoon ground mustard 2 tablespoons oil 2 tablespoons chopped fresh ginger (can omit) (2) 2 teaspoons ground cumin 1 teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon tumeric 1 can … [Read more...]

Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 40


The superman of remodeling did it again.  Despite having only one day to work on the house this weekend, he knocked out all the painting and started putting the rooms back together.  Take a look at what he did today: Earlier this week he worked on the back storm door.  He replaced a piece of cracked glass and … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner (No. 132)

place setting

Grocery shopping and cooking have been hit and miss lately.  This is NOT typical for me and I don’t like it.  I’m going with the flow but I’m really anxious to get back to normal. This past week I did go to the grocery store with a list and a menu but the menu plan didn’t turn out even close to reality.  Here’s what I’m talking about: Monday’s plan:  Leftovers Monday’s reality:  Leftovers. … [Read more...]