Easy DIY Printable Planner Tabs

DIYPrintable Planner Tabs

I am sharing my printable planner tab template. I have done so many DIY Planners I could almost be considered an expert. When you are struggling with ADD/ADHD and trying to keep things in order you will try almost anything. At least I feel like I have!

My red ring bound Filofax with DIY pages is one of my favorite planners. I used these tabs with a half page size first, but in my Compact I like them much better.

I will share with you a free planner tab template for you to print. I printed mine on scrapbook paper. Continue reading “Easy DIY Printable Planner Tabs”

Christmas Cookies and Mexican Cornbread

christmas cookies and cornbread

I have a confession. I am not a good cook. I don’t even bake well. There is an incident that happened the first time I tried to cook vegetable soup that is legendary in my family. Even though I do not feel I am remotely good at cooking it, my favorite memories surround food.

For instance there was the time in fourth grade that each student was asked to choose a country to study. After studying that country for weeks we were asked to fix a dish native to that country.  During the course of that project is the first time I remember realizing that my mother’s childhood was lived in a different world. She was an army brat, and she hated it. I had lived in the same house since very early childhood, and I hated that. Even though I had not been diagnosed ADD at the time I had been struggling with symptoms even at that age. Continue reading “Christmas Cookies and Mexican Cornbread”

How Turn Your Man into the Perfect Husband

perfect husband

Love, no matter the form, is beautiful. It often goes through phases.

Have you ever heard of a parent who said ‘I just don’t love my child anymore’? I haven’t. There are many times that, as a parent, love isn’t the first emotion you feel when looking at your child, but it is still there deep down, and when you calm down and things have settled, that love finds its way back to the surface. In marriage these phases can seem like the end. It is important to enjoy each phase of it that your marriage will go through. Continue reading “How Turn Your Man into the Perfect Husband”

67 Simple Ways to Love Yourself and Others


We can all use simple ways to communicate with other moms, friends, and family. This is especially important during the holidays. While the commercialism of it would have you believe that the holidays are beautiful, magical, and full of joy – and they are; but not for everyone.  Christmas time blahs. It can happen to anyone of us.

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3 Ways to Save Money Starting Immediately

Ways to save money

Ways to save money seems like something everyone is looking for, and while it seems the economy has started to take a bit of a turn around. Have you noticed gas prices lately? It still doesn’t make sense that people would stop wanting to save money. If your house is like mine any penny you can save is cause for celebration. So it would make sense that finding ways to save a dollar is on everyone’s mind. Here are 3 ways you can start saving today.

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What A Hitchhiker Taught Me About Christmas Spirit

christmas spirit

*Names have been changed to protect the identity and dignity of my friend.


I am married to a man who does not prefer to go to church. So most Sunday mornings it is just me and the kids rushing out the door in our Sunday best. Yesterday it was just me and my soon to be 30 year old son. The girls had stayed home for various reasons and it was one of the rare occasions that we have with just him and me.

We live approximately 17 miles from the closest meetinghouse for our particular faith so it is always a nice drive and a good time for me to talk with the kids. I can often tell how our week will go based on the conversation to or from church on Sundays. Continue reading “What A Hitchhiker Taught Me About Christmas Spirit”