Planner Pages: More Than Just Appointments & To-Do’s

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Planner Tips

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Don’t just write appointments and to-do’s on your planner pages.  Those things are extremely important but there are a lot of other things you could be recording, like . . .

1.       Special events for other people you might want to follow-up on; like surgery, a medical test, a possible promotion, an academic test.  Make a note somewhere on your calendar page to remind you so you can follow-up.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me when someone follows up on something important in my life.

planner - event

planner - event

2.       Goals.  I’m trying to drink more water so I write that directly on my planner page to remind me.  It’s good to have your goals written down somewhere, but it’s even better if they’re in your face!



3.       Motivational Thoughts.  Sometimes I hear or read something so profound that I write it on my planner page so I won’t forget it and so I can be reminded of it.

motivational thoughts

4.       What You Wore.  I know this seems silly but it works for me.  I don’t have a lot of clothes so I want to be sure I don’t wear the same things to the same events.  So sometimes I write down what I wear to certain activities.


5.       Weather.  I know a lot of people already do this.  It’s fun to look back and see how many days it rained last month or how cold it got or what the weather was like this time last year.


6.       Lessons you Learned.  When something particularly impresses me, I write it down so I can remember it.




7.       Progress on projects.  I’m nearly always working on a quilt project.  I like to know how far along I am on the project so I keep track.  Depending on the design, I write my progress on the calendar page or my daily page.


8.       When you’re sick.  You never know when you might need that information.  Plus it helps identify patterns.  We eventually noticed that my husband tended to get sick once a year, usually in early spring.


Those are just a few of the extra things I track in my planner.  What do you track in yours?

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10 thoughts on “Planner Pages: More Than Just Appointments & To-Do’s

  1. I track an irregular kitty cat medication schedule. An OD could be very serious and I would never remember to give meds, skip one day, give meds, skip two days, if I didn’t mark it down.

    1. Oh, yes! That’s definitely something important to write down. I do that sometimes with my own meds. When I’m taking ibuprofen every four hours, I can’t always remember when I took it last. So I write it down.

  2. Patty this is a wonderful post! I already do some of these, but I LOVE # 6 and 7 and will start doing those too! Great advice as always. 🙂

  3. homey -another great ADD post! i really like jotting down goals and motivational thoughts
    i don’t use a planner, too big to fit in my pocket and i’m not liberated enough yet to carry a purse and if i did, i’d just lose it. but in my appt book i also jot down directions to where i’m to go – geographically challenged. the other stuff goes on the cards.
    put link on a post.

    1. Good idea to record directions, Doug. I do that, too. I have my iPhone as a back-up but I prefer knowing ahead of time where I’m going and jotting down some notes about how to get there. Anyway, Siri (my iPhone) doesn’t always tell me the truth!

  4. Yes, medications. When I had 4 babies all sick and was sleep deprived it helped to see who had what medication at what time and dosage amounts. Especially when your swapping tylenol and ibuprophen and antibiotics. For some reason my kids refused to all get sick at the same time 🙂
    I also write when my husband leaves for work and comes home, he has really weird hours this time of year.

    1. Why do they do that? It would be so much easier if they all got sick at the same time. I can see how writing down their med schedule would be extremely helpful!

  5. Excellent post! I am a sucker for posts about using your planner to the fullest. Form (i.e., appearance, aesthetics) can bring a tremendous amount of pleasure…but function will always be the most important element for me.

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