Everybody loves popcorn and most people go for the easy microwave variety.  But did you know you can make it from scratch and it tastes AWESOME!

I grew up on homemade popcorn but hadn’t had any for a long time.  I made microwave popcorn occasionally but didn’t really like it.  Then my son and daughter-in-law made homemade popcorn for me and it was delicious!  I had forgotten how good homemade popcorn tasted.  And that’s when I realized why I didn’t like microwave popcorn – because I was accustomed to the real stuff.

So I started making homemade popcorn on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, it really messed up my favorite pan, and sometimes the popcorn burned.  I don’t think there’s any smell worse than burned popcorn.

To save my pan from further damage,  I started searching for a pan to dedicate to popcorn making and that’s when I discovered The Original Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper Theater Style Popcorn Set.  There are a few kitchen tools I can’t live without and this is one of them.

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9 thoughts on “Popcorn!

  1. I grew up eating popcorn that my dad made. He used an old pressure cooker pan. I did microwave popcorn for years, always on Sunday Nights. Well the microwave quit several years ago and I was bummed. Phil suggested using the stove (he doesn’t even eat popcorn). So I did (with an old pressure cooker pan I had gotten at a garage sale) and I have never gone back to microwave. A seasoned pan is the best!

  2. We grew up with home made popcorn too! Love it ~ and I only buy white popcorn. It doesn’t have so many of the hulls like the yellow corn does. And we have one of those pans too and love it. Especially for kettle corn.

  3. My mom always used the cast iron and would purposely burn just enough for me and her to eat a little each. It was my favorite! The microwave is definitely not the same. So whenever I go hangout for an evening I always talk my niece nephew into asking nana to make some!

  4. We make it from scratch, too! Amazingly easy and it tastes so good. And another plus about popcorn–the varieties of corn grown for popping are NOT genetically modified! 🙂

  5. They type of popcorn you use does make a huge difference as well. I am a self proclaimed popcorn snob and find that the black and red kernels are more enjoyable than the traditional white or yellow (although white wins that contest). Discovered black popcorn in the Caribbean and won’t eat anything else now – sometimes hard to find in the grocery store though.

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