Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 15

house exterior

house exterior

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Notice the kitty cat on the sidewalk in the photo above? No, that’s not ours.  That sweetie lives across the street and is the friendliest cat I’ve ever met!  When I got home from running errands today, she was relaxing on the sidewalk – probably waiting for my granddaughter who adores her and gives her lots of attention every chance she gets.

But you probably don’t really care about the neighborhood pets – you just want to see what we accomplished on the bathroom this week.  Well, let’s get to it!

Here’s David’s done list for this week:

  • Put a coat of kills on the ceiling.
  • Painted the ceiling.
  • Grouted the floor.
  • Finished sanding the walls.
  • Painted the walls.
  • Installed toilet paper holder.
  • Installed towel bars.
  • Installed new faucet on sink.
  • Put sink and toilet back in the bathroom.
  • Put together cabinet next to the sink.
  • Put together cabinet over the toilet.
  • Leveled the toilet tank & attached it so it’s not crooked anymore.

There are probably some details I missed but that’s the bulk of it, I think.  Now for the photos, including one from the day we moved in:

Before – yuck!

bathroom faucet

cabinet over toilet

bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

toilet paper holder

bathroom towel bars

grouted tile floor

paint color
This is to show the paint color – it’s gray – similar to the tub, toilet and sink.


Here’s what left:

  • Replace GFI outlet behind the sink.
  • Purchase & install a new toilet seat (you can’t just go out and buy a gray seat – you have to order it.  And since gray is hard to match, we decided to go with black or white.)
toilet seat
See why we’re not keeping this toilet seat?!
  • Hang pictures.
  • Paint trim & door.

Also this week I purchased knick knacks for the shelves in the dining room.  I originally planned to put books on the shelves but they’re too narrow.  And believe it or not, we didn’t have any knick knacks we could use so I had to go buy some.  I learned that’s easier said than done, especially when you’re looking for cool stuff that’s child proof.  I had success at Gordman’s and TJ Maxx where I found stuff I liked and that I knew the grandkids would like.

knick knacks

knick knacks

Thanks for joining us on this journey and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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13 thoughts on “Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 15

  1. Love the new bathroom! I also love the apples on your little shelf – I’m an apple collector so those caught my eye.

    1. It’s funny you mention the apples on the shelf. I’m terrible at buying and arranging knick knacks. When I was buying the stuff for those shelves, I saw the apples and thought they were cool but wasn’t sure if everyone else would think they were dumb. You know how sometimes an idea in your head doesn’t work out the way you think it will? Anyway, I decided to live dangerously and bought them. Turns out everybody loves them, including my grandkids. So it was a win-win. Whew!!!

    1. He does work hard. It helps that he’s so efficient.

      I’m thinking a white toilet seat might look better, too. Really wish we could get a gray one, though.

    1. Thanks, Robin. Every time I go in there I can’t believe how much better it looks. And he didn’t even do a complete overhaul like we usually do. But the stuff we did made a huge difference.

  2. The amount of work you both have done is amazing! The bathroom is fantastic. We need to remodel ours so badly….the one room we ran out of money and time and now it seems too overwhelming to do.

    1. It is a lot of work and money, Jane. Even the way we did it – using most of the existing features – was still fairly expensive. But it’s worth it. The room looks so much better. One of these days the time will be right for you guys and you’ll get it done. In the meantime, maybe there are some little things you can do to make it better. Sometimes just changing out the shower curtain, rugs and towels and putting a coat of paint on the walls can make it look completely different.

      1. the problem was i was reading it on an e mail and and not on your blog. The mysteries of technology. Whew!
        thank you for your vote of confidence (misplaced tho it may be).

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