Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 16



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We didn’t get a lot done this week due to a packed schedule plus we’re sort of in-between projects.  There are a few small details to finish on the bathroom while we’re trying to decide what we want to do next.

Main Bathroom

This week, David installed a new GFI outlet in the bathroom.  The new outlet is black instead of white.

GFI Outlet

He also finished painting the door and the inside door trim and installed the door.  It’s SO nice having a door again.

bathroom door

We decided against a white OR black toilet seat and we’re going to try to order a gray (you can’t buy them in stores) and cross our fingers that it will match.  If we can’t match it, then we’ll go with white or black.

toilet seat

Our Next Project

We’re thinking our next project inside will be the dining room and living room – or maybe the master bath.  We can’t decide.  The advantage to doing the master bath next is that then the biggest and most expensive projects will be done.  But if we do the dining room and living room next, then the main areas will all look nice.


But in the meantime, regardless of what we do inside, we’re going to start working on the outside.  There’s a LOT to do outside and it will take most of the summer to finish.  The work to be done includes:

  • Rebuilding the screened porch;
  • Repairing the deck and gazebo;
  • Scraping and repairing the exterior;
  • Painting the outside;
  • Repairing the gutters;
  • Adding some outside lighting;
  • Rebuilding the balcony off the bedroom;
  • Landscaping.

Just so you know what we’re up against, here are some photos of the outside:

screened porch inside
screened porch inside
screened porch - inside
screened porch – inside
screened porch - inside
screened porch inside – I started scraping this section.
screened porch - outside
screened porch – outside
screened porch - outside
screened porch – outside

garage door

garage door

peeling paint on the front of the house
peeling paint
peeling paint on the north side of the house – wood damage, too
peeling paint
peeling paint on the north side of the house – wood damage, too
The balcony needs replaced.
See that board that’s coming loose? Scary!
brick trim
The brick trim on the sides of the garage has pulled away from the house. David’s trying to figure out how to fix it.
We aren’t sure what this was but we need to do something here. This is in the back yard.
There’s about a six foot deep area at the back of our property that was used for a garden. We need to either plant a garden or do something with it.  It’s fenced off by itself.
This tree in the front yard might be dead. We’re waiting to see. If it is, we’ll have to remove it.
This window had a window unit air conditioner at some point and is damaged as a result.
exterior house
This window also has damage from an a/c unit.
screen door
This door from the kitchen to the screened porch needs fixed up.
front porch
The front porch needs cleaned up and re-painted (or something).
Something needs done with these plants.
flower bed
This area needs plants.
And so does this one.
back of the house
And here’s a view of the back of the house. It doesn’t look bad from far away.

David’s also going to spend some time converting the two-car garage into a workshop.  I think I mentioned before that we decided to forego parking in the garage so he can use it as a workshop.  Right now it looks like this:

His work space never looks like this but he hadn’t figured out what he was going to do so he hadn’t bothered organizing it.

The truth is, David’s a really organized guy and trying to work in this garage is driving him nuts!!!  He needs to take a break from working on the house and set up his shop.  I believe he’s going to start this week – before he loses his mind!

Check back next week to see which room we’re doing next and to check our progress.

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6 thoughts on “Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 16

  1. homey – looking at this makes me TIRED! So much work. but sound like you all have a good plan, plug away, one step at a time? will be great when its done.
    it looks kind of like Maryland?
    is this your home or a separate project?
    best wishes

    1. Doug: This is our home. We moved here in November and plan to spend a couple of years here before we move on. This is our fourth remodel and we always live in them while we do them. We were in the last one for nine years. We didn’t intend to stay that long but we were busy with other things and not in a big hurry.

      It’s definitely not Maryland – try Missouri.

  2. It’s a good thing the two of you are handy. That’s a lot of work. I hope you’re not trying to get it all done this year. That looks like more work than one year can handle.

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