Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 18


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This past week went by SO fast, and unfortunately, we didn’t make a lot of progress.  David’s really busy with work right now she he hasn’t had much time to work on the house.  But between the two of us, we did make some progress.

Garage Door Openers

David’s been battling with the garage door openers for a while now.  We have low ceilings in the garage which makes it a bit more complicated to install the openers.  He finally figured out the best way to do it and has one of them installed and operational.  Yay!!!  I’m so happy.

Most of the time it’s not a big deal to come in the front door but when I have the grandkids with me, it can be a bit stressful – mainly because I have 30 seconds to get the kids, their stuff and myself inside, working around the dog who’s in the way, and cross the room to turn off the alarm.  Once it took so long I had to leave Ivy on the front porch while I turned off the alarm.  She was not amused.

So now we can come in through the garage and take our time.  And the alarm is a LOT closer.

He’ll install the other opener and the key pad when he has time.

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Entry Floor

I started scraping the adhesive residue off the wood floor in the entry.  It’s coming off pretty easily and looking a lot better.

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Scraping Paint on Exterior

I’ve been getting a lot done on the outside, too.  Scraping paint is kind of relaxing – probably because I don’t have to do it as a job and I can stop when I want to.  At any rate, I made a lot of progress this week.

scraping exterior of house

scraping exterior of house

scraping exterior of house

scraping exterior of house

Kitchen Chalkboard

The kitchen chalkboard is turning out to be handy.  I’m using it to jot down recipe ideas for next week.  And Ivy uses it for drawing.  And my daughter-in-law, Ashley, even added her 2 cents.


Living Room/Dining Room

We didn’t actually do anything in these rooms this week but we decided we will be removing the paneling and installing drywall.   Thanks so much for all your input last week.  The consensus was drywall and paint although several of you voted for painted paneling or leaving the paneling.  But the overwhelming majority was painted drywall.

That’s it for this week!

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6 thoughts on “Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 18

  1. I’m glad to hear the scraping of paint is relaxing. We have to do that this year and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll follow your example and just do a bit at a time. Sounds wise.

    Congratulations on further progress!

    1. It really is, Robin. I just stand out there and scrape. I don’t really even think about anything. I just turn my brain off and enjoy being outside. Parts of it are harder – but it’s really not bad. And part of the reason I do it in smaller bits, besides the time issue, is because it makes my arm tired. Working 15-30 minutes at a time is perfect. And I’m definitely making progress!

  2. Wow, the flooring in your entryway is going to turn out really nice once you’re done with it! I also love your chalkboard — I’ve been wanting to do something like that ever since I found out about chalkboard paint, but I’ve never been in a house where I could do it.

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