Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 19



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It was another busy week for us but we did manage to get a little bit done – mostly on Sunday afternoon and completely outside!  It was a nice day and we HAD to take advantage of it.  We’re still in that time of year where the weather is unpredictable.  One day might be winter and the next summer and sometimes in the same day!  That’s the Midwest for you.

In the front, David removed a rose bush from the raised bed next to the driveway.  The bush was a menace to anyone trying to get into a car.

Rose Bush
Here it was before he yanked it out. It was definitely in the way!
The rose bush is gone and it’s safe to walk by.

He also removed some dead bushes and a “tree weed” in the front as well as trimming the other bushes.

front landscaping
It was a mess.
Help from our granddaughter.
It’s bare looking now but it will be better once we plant some bushes – probably after we paint.

We found several of these paving stones in the front.  They’re kind of cool so we’ll try to work them into the landscaping.

paving stones

Then he moved to the back.  He did a LOT of pruning in the back.  It makes me sad to see some of the large bushes cut back but I know in the end they’ll be better because of it.

landscaping before
After – the arrows point to what’s left after pruning.

He also mowed the leaves. The yard was COVERED!

See all the leaves! You couldn’t even see the grass.
The yard looks a lot nicer after he mowed.

And cleaned out the “gutter” between the screened porch and the deck.

Before – The grandkids kept wanting to mess around in there but I was scared of what might be in there.
After – no surprises – just leaves.

He hung swings for the grandkids and spent time swinging them.



As for me, I continued scraping paint outside and worked a little more on scraping the adhesive off the wood floor in the entry.

And finally, just for fun, this photo from family dinner night.  We had been outside grilling and playing with the grandkids.  When we came back in to eat dinner, our daughter-in-law took her muddy boots off and left them in the back entry.  I walked around the corner and saw her boots.  It was kind of creepy and funny all at the same time.  Kind of looks like an invisible person was standing there!!!


More updates next week!

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4 thoughts on “Progress Report: Fixer Upper Week 19

  1. I can totally see the invisible person!

    We worked outside a bunch today, mostly cleaning up winter. We will probably start scraping paint tomorrow. I feel a big push to get as much done as I can before I have surgery. If I’m not working on the yard, no one is. I expect things to grind to a halt when I’m laid up. If I can just get it settled enough that they just have to mow to keep it looking okay, I’ll call that a win!

    Things are looking awesome at your place. What a great, big backyard you have. And the swings are wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Robin. We’re moving slower these days. Our daughter and son-in-law are getting ready to sell their house so David’s helping them do a few things. We’re not going to do anything big until we get finished with that.

      I hope you enjoy the scraping – at least a little. There’s something satisfying about it although I probably wouldn’t feel that way if I did it all the time.

      When is your surgery?

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