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ideas for keeping your locks soft enough to attract a prince and strong enough for one to climb

Because I went to cosmetology school and because I’m lazy and have spent a lot of time making things easy, I have knowledge and ideas swimming around in my head that I feel I must share about hair care. Unfortunately, these are ideas, do’s and tidbits of information that I can’t fit neatly into an article.  So I’m just going to word-vomit onto this page and I’ll let you sift through it!

Shampooing – Some people may not know that shampooing isn’t good for your hair.  It siphons out the moisture and nutrients and dries out the hair cuticle and the hair shaft. By all means, please wash your hair! Just go as long as you can in between washes and find a reliable conditioner to help replace the moisture.

Conditioner – While shampoos come in all types, it’s the conditioner that does the major work.  Be sure to choose a conditioner that suits your hair type (e.g. dry, oily, curly, thin, etc.).  There are a million different shampoos so if you must choose between a high quality shampoo or a high quality conditioner, pick the conditioner…hands down.

Cold RinseI believe in rinsing your hair with cold water.  Here’s why.  Just like washing clothes on hot can cause colors to fade, washing color treated hair in hot water causes hair color to fade and fast (especially reds)!  Guarantee that you’ll see your vibrant color last longer if you only use cold water on your hair (lukewarm is ok if you’re a sissy).  Also, a cold rinse helps close the cuticle (a layer over the hair shaft) which helps protect your hair from the elements and makes it shine!

Hair products – We’ve been told we need an amazing hair product for every different style and hot tool we use to protect our hair.  Mousse for curling; a balm for blow drying; an iron guard for straightening, etc. etc.  Guess what: It’s a load of crap. Those products may assist in your efforts, but if you’re just out to protect your hair from damage, plain ol’ gel does the trick.  All you need is something that creates a barrier between hair and styling tools.  I’m not dissing those products because they do work, but you don’t have to have them to save your hair.

So try these ideas and wait patiently for your prince…or for your kids to test your hair’s strength by grabbing a handful.

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7 thoughts on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

  1. Ah Ashley, maybe you can help me. A couple of days ago I found a bottle of stuff in my cupboard called “hair strengthening serum”. I wondered why I hadn’t been using it so I washed my hair and sprayed some on. My hair felt like it was full of superglue, so I tried to rinse it out. It wouldn’t rinse out so I shampooed again. It wouldn’t wash out either. By this time it was midnight and I went to bed. Shampooed next day with a deep cleansing shampoo (twice) It was still a bit sticky and I had another go later that day. However there is still some residue. What else can I do? My hair is clean but doesn’t LOOK clean. By the way I’ve tossed the serum in the trash!

  2. Hmm, what kind of daily clarifying shampoo are you using? Might be time to opt for the “big guns”. I would recommend Neutrogena Anti- Residue shampoo or Neutrogena T-Gel. These are both very powerful shampoos that will hopefully strip that grunge from your hair. If that doesn’t work, you may have to see your stylist for something salon quality. I would be surprised if the Neutrogena shampoos didn’t do the trick, though. Best of luck. Glad you threw that junk away!

    1. Oh thanks, Ashley. I used Tresemme deep cleansing shampoo, but will get the Neutrogena one when I go shopping tomorrow. I have a cupboard full of various hair treatments which I probably abandoned after one use and I reckon I’ll just throw them all away. The ones that did work I use up. It just feels so awful to pitch full bottles of product!

  3. I used to wash my hair every day, then every other day. However, since I have found a good quality shampoo and conditioner, my hair is fine being washed twice a week. It’s such a blessing!

    1. I wash mine twice a week, too. I have naturally curly hair so more than that and it really gets dry and wild. I think you’re right about using quality shampoo and conditioner.

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