REVIEW: The Busy Woman’s Planner

Daily Planner Page

Daily Planner Page

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If you love forms, you’re going to LOVE this planner because it has forms for anything and everything you could possibly imagine.  In addition, the forms are PDF files which allow you to type in your information and then print.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!  And here’s a secret – if you’re a man and not a woman, these forms will work for you, too!

So let’s dig in and see some of the highlights from The Busy Woman’s Planner.

Monthly Page
Monthly Page
Weekly Page
Weekly Page
Daily Planner Page
Daily Planner Page
Appointment Page
Appointment Page – for those really busy days!
Travel Itinerary
Travel Itinerary
Personal Medical Information
Personal Medical Information
Menu Page
Menu Page
Contact Follow-Up
Contact Follow-Up
Child's Information Page
Child’s Information Page
Budget Page
Budget Page
Personal Fitness
Personal Fitness

The idea is that you set the planner up with monthly pages for the current year.  Remember the pages are undated so you can easily start anytime and you can type information into the forms and then print.  Then you add a weekly planner page followed by three Daily Planner Pages (printed front and back) and then repeat three times for a month’s worth of pages.  Depending on your personality and needs, you may be fine with just the monthly and weekly pages.  But if you have a busy day and need a daily page, it’s there waiting for you.

These pages are just a sample of all the forms that are available.  The great thing about having so many different forms is that you have what you need, when you need it.  You won’t necessarily use all the forms all the time, but when you need one, it’s there.

The Busy Woman’s Planner pages (download) can be purchased as a set or you can purchase individual pages.  The pages come in 8-1/2 x 11 or 5-1/2 x 8-1/2.  A full set is currently $14.99 and includes approximately 35 forms including:

  • Address Page
  • Appointment Page
  • Bible Study Pages
  • Booking Pages
  • Budget Pages
  • Child Information Page
  • Contact/Follow-Up Page
  • Cover/Special Occasions Page
  • Daily Planner Pages
  • Devotional Page
  • Fitness Page
  • Gift List Page
  • Goal/Project Planning Page
  • Holiday Card List
  • Internet Info Page
  • Journal Page
  • Lesson Planning Page
  • Menu Page
  • Mileage Page
  • Monthly Planner Pages
  • Note Page
  • Party Planning Pages
  • Personal Information Page
  • Personal Medical History (Female)
  • Personal Medical History (Male)
  • Personal Medical Information Page (Female)
  • Personal Medical Information Page (Male)
  • Personal Medications List
  • Prayer At A Glance Planner Page
  • Prayer Request & Answer Page
  • Prospect Page
  • Publication Information Page
  • Travel Itinerary Page
  • Vehicle Maintenance Page
  • Weekly Pages

A cd is available which explains how to put the planner together.  I’ve listened to parts of it and it has really good information.  Even if you don’t use this planner, the cd is a helpful resource for putting a planner together and help on how to use it.

And if you want more, check out the blog section of the website which has many helpful time management articles including recent articles about Family Time Mapping, Compartmentalize to Organize and Blocking Time is Smart.

The Busy Woman’s Planner provided at no charge a full set of forms and mp3 files to review for this post.

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Busy Woman’s Planner

  1. My job has made me OCD about half pages. It looks to me like the middle gutter isn’t large enough for the info on each page to be centered when cut in half. Are these forms Word documents that can be altered or .pdf’s?

    1. Hi Becky, I’m not quite sure what you need in your reference. We had to center the pages as such so if someone chose to print two sided and cut the pages in half, there were be enough gutter for holes to put into your binder. If someone chose to print on one side, fold the paper in half, then hole punch, you needed the space. Some people might hold punch on the open sides and some might hole punch on the folded sides. See my conundrum? LOL

      I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE good feedback!

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