When I have a few bucks in pocket from a birthday or Christmas, the first place my money takes me is Sephora.  I LOVE Sephora.  Here’s why:

Makeup to die for – These products will set you back but sometimes a splurge is worth it! With brands like Urban Decay, Lorac and Too Faced, you can’t go wrong. They have shadow pallets of all colors (which is my guilty pleasure), liners with pigment you wouldn’t believe and lipsticks for the divas.  Ahhhh, yes.

Skincare – Sephora also carries lots of skin care options and they have the GOOD stuff!  Clinique and Origins line their skin care wall which gives you an opportunity to browse, smell and assess each product without a pushy sales associate or a counter in your way.

Testers – You can try EVERYTHING! I kid you not. If you like something, there are disposable lipstick applicators, Q-tips and cotton balls at the end of every aisle. You don’t have to ask for help. You can just go get what you need and try what you want. Because of this very thing, I always leave Sephora looking like Krusty the Clown.  It’s magnificent.

Staff – In my experience, the staff has always been knowledgeable and willing. They know their stuff and they also love the opportunity to help you pick out the right product.  They would also love to do your makeup and they do a great job.

Rewards – If you get addicted to something that Sephora sells and you frequently return to indulge, they have a very nice rewards program in place which gives you discounts, free stuff and even a birthday gift!

So, if you like makeup and haven’t paid a visit (no pun intended) to Sephora, give it a try.  It’s like my Chuck E. Cheese.  Let me know what you think and if you go for a visit!  And how much you end up spending…

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2 thoughts on “Sephora

  1. I’m bigger on Ulta, myself, but that’s more habit than preference (I’d been shopping at Ulta for over a year before Sephora even opened in the area). My daughter, though, loves Sephora, and part of that is definitely the staff. They’re wonderful! As a former employee of the beauty-industrial complex, I can appreciate that, especially since they have many brands there.

    We really shop at both stores, depending on what’s on sale. And I don’t spend much money on makeup any more, because my budget doesn’t allow it. But both places are excellent.

  2. Confession time, Cynthia. I have not been to Ulta. (Shame) One just opened pretty close to us and I have wanted to go in but haven’t had the chance. Guess I should do that. Betcha I’ll still prefer Sephora because of habit but you never know!

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