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I buy buckets on a regular basis and usually four or five at a time.  I primarily only use them for mop water but when I need one, I can’t find one.  My husband has a bad habit of swiping them to mix up various things he uses in his remodeling business or for remodeling our home.

Since I buy a lot of them, I want the cheapest ones I can find.  Unfortunately, the ones on the cleaning aisle are EXPENSIVE.  But I accidentally discovered that buckets are also available on the automotive aisle and they’re a LOT cheaper.  So guess where I buy my buckets? Yep – the automotive aisle.

So when you’re shopping, don’t just automatically assume that the item you want is only available in one place for one price.  If the price you find seems too high or unreasonable, look around in other departments in that store.
For example, at my local Wal-mart, storage containers can be found in:

  • the storage container section (duh!);
  • fishing supplies;
  • hardware;
  • beauty;
  • crafts
  • kitchen supplies;
  • office supplies.

So if I can’t find what I want in one section, I can look in one or more of the others.  It’s amazing the variety of things you can find and the price difference for the same items.

Food is another area where you might be able to check different sections.  A friend of mine told me a while back she was looking for a spice and it was really expensive in the spice section.  Later she found the same thing in the Mexican food section for a fraction of the price.

So think outside the box when you’re shopping and you just might save some money!

Have you ever done this? 

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3 thoughts on “Shop Around for the Best Prices – IN THE SAME STORE!

  1. Yes, I’ve noticed this with items for sale near cash registers. Often the exact item back in the regular store sections will cost less.

  2. Always a good point. I remember when I was looking for a cutting mat for paper crafting, I found larger AND cheaper mats over by the models than in the paper crafting section. *sigh* The craft stores know who’s willing to overpay for cute little things, that’s for sure! (Not me, hah :P)

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