Shower Curtains Can Sparkle Like New

Cleaning the shower curtains in my house is the last thing I think of doing when it comes to cleaning. But a dirty or moldy shower curtain will leave you feeling like you need a shower from your shower.

You get that feeling that you didn’t even get clean while taking a shower or bathing. The filthy things also cause your entire bathroom to look dirty and just plan grungy.

shower curtainsBecause shower curtains line the bathtub, which is always creating moisture, they tend to mildew easily and get soap scum build-up.

It is a lot of work to remove the curtain and liner from all the rings for a good washing. Or maybe like me you take the easy way out and just spray them with shower cleaner and let the water run over them!

Either way, they must be removed and cleaned thoroughly at least every few weeks to keep your bathroom looking shiny and fresh. Use the tips below to make shower curtain cleaning much easier.

Vinegar, Bleach, and Baking Soda

If you use a vinyl or plastic liner, you may be able to wash it in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar and a cup of bleach. Check your labels to be sure the chemicals will not ruin the curtian or make it crack. Wash the shower curtains along with white towels and a regular amount of detergent after running them through the cycle with bleach and vinegar to remove the stinky mildew smell.

Once you’re finished washing your shower curtains, don’t put them in the dryer. Instead, hang the curtains in the bath as normal and allow them to drip dry.

This doesn’t hurt them and it will save you money on your electric bill.

For fabric curtains, use a cup of baking soda instead of vinegar and bleach. To remove any mildew or mold, wash fabric shower curtains in hot soapy water with just a tiny amount of bleach or color-safe bleach for colored fabric.

Soak fabric curtains in a salt-water solution to prevent molding, but only use a small amount of salt to prevent crystals from forming on your curtains.

While you have the rings off the rod, give them a good cleaning as well!

Cleaning the Shower Curtains Liner

Liners can be cleaned similarly to the fabric curtains depending on the materials it is made of. Be sure your liner is washable in the washing machine before trying it. Also, keep your liner clean in between by spraying it with mold-resistant cleaner and rinsing the liner thoroughly at least every few days. You can do this while it’s still hanging in the tub.

Easy-to-Remove Shower Curtain Liners

There are now easy-to-remove shower curtain liners that zip on and off just below the rings. This amazing invention enables you to remove the liner without taking it off the rings.

Liners made like this can save time and effort when you’re in a hurry. They’re also great for the kids’ bathroom because you may need to clean theirs more often.

When you face that daunting task of cleaning your shower curtains, just imagine how fresh and beautiful your bathroom will look.

Use these tips to make your shower curtains and shower curtain liners look sparkling new! Do you use other natural products to clean your shower curtains?

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