Snowed In and At Loose Ends

12615272_1313242702035456_4109829323537376306_oI have been stuck in the house for a week. The snow storm dropped 17-24 inches on our county depending on where you are. I have been stuck in the house buried under blankets and using ceramic heaters to supplement. My mother who lives in Michigan said it was my thin southern blood. I tend to believe her.

I have been working on going through iBloom’s Virtual Retreat for work at home mom’s. It is very concise and at the same time very deep. They ask questions about your ideal life and what it would look like. I have done 100’s of seminars, retreats, programs, and classes on how to get my life together (hello A.D.D./A.D.H.D.) But the iBloom girls are different some how. Maybe it is because they are not ashamed of mingling their faith (Christianity) and business or maybe it is something else. I don’t know. What I do know is that it is changing me.¬†

iBloom has an amazing planner too!
iBloom has an amazing planner too!

I have realized that I don’t have dreams. Yeah I have short term ones, like I dream of a day that my husband will fix the leaky sink. But I don’t have the long term, this is where I want my life to be kind of dreams. I have also realized that I thought I had my A.D.D./A.D.H.D. under control….. NOT. I follow all the tips. I have even gone back and looked at previous articles that Patty wrote on this website. And I still can’t seem to keep it together. I still have a house that needs attention, business and personal stuff that goes unattended while I lose myself in Netflix or crocheting so that I don’t think about all the stuff I need to be doing.

I made funnel cakes again last night and got the oil too hot. The oil¬†popped out and burnt my hand. I was so distracted I couldn’t think of what to use to put on a burn. Something I have done too many times to count I couldn’t even think to do. So I have decided what the deal is.

I have cabin fever. Then I looked up the cure or therapy for cabin fever. They said go out in nature. This is my nature right now.

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Yeah so I have no desire to be cured from this cabin fever! But I think I will go and finish up my iBloom retreat.

Do you have suggestions for what I can do to keep sane?

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