4 Stress Busting Solutions for ADHD

I have been thinking lately of how I contribute to my own stress and anxiety. I think with an A.D.D. diagnosis stress and anxiety come along with it kind of like a free sample when you buy a new product at the store.

People like me who often lose car keys, my kids camp form, or anything important often experience a frantic search inside every nook and cranny of their home.

Constantly losing small yet important things is such a time-waster. Add to that the enormous frustration of not knowing the location of something important  when you need it and you have a recipe for stress and anxiety. Clutter and chaos are the two things that really cause me stress.dont stress out over keys

But I may have figured out a way out of the clutter and chaos. Our lives shouldn’t be too complicated or cluttered with a million and one things that we hardly need.

I recently wrote about the Proverbs 31 woman and how she took care of her things. I could almost bet you she didn’t have near the amount of things we feel like we HAVE TO HAVE today.

I was talking to one of my very best friends and told her how cute her pants were, she replied that she had only bought 2 pair that she needed to go get a few more.

That really struck me. How much of our stress is because we have too much stuff??

Most people have piles and piles of junk, even expensive ones, in their garage, and every room in the house where they can stash their hoard of goodies. Some people even go so far to fill a basement and a 2 car garage so full you cant fit a single car in there.

Ask me how I know about the 2 car garage….

So how do we remove clutter and prevent chaos in our lives?

The obvious answer is to keep everything in its proper place. Keeping surfaces in the home clean and clear of clutter is important. We must be able to have a sense of order and constancy in how our lives and properties are arranged.

Here is where I fail daily. Constancy. I can get rid of things, and I can put things away but then the next day I am tired, or in a hurry, or just think I will do it in a minute.

When that minute gets there Mr. Murphy and all his Laws walk in and something happens and before I know it the counters are covered. You can’t sit on  the couch for the mound of clothes and so on.

Beat Stress by Organizing

In practical terms, we must learn how to be good organizers. Having a filing cabinet where all important documents can be cataloged and safely kept is not just good for an office but for our homes as well. The cleaner and tidier our surroundings look, the more calm and happy we feel. Who can relax when everywhere they look there is something to be done?

Another way of getting rid of stress by un-cluttering and reducing the semblance of commotion in your home is by setting aside spaces where you can keep things based on its category or type.

For example, all kitchen utensils should be in a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen. All tools and supplies for the car should be in the garage. In short, never mix different things in one place or container.

I found a fork under my bed once. No one knows why. I just tell people I have kids then they… Click To Tweet

Here are more ways to find and take care of hidden clutter in your house:

Closets- Find appropriate storage containers for towels, coats, sweaters, scarves, and shoes. Make use of empty shoe boxes you find. Boxes like that can be used for your knick knacks or paraphernalia like stationary, sewing supplies, or scrap-booking supplies. Get rid of items you no longer use. Toss it in the trash or donate it to Goodwill or other charity organizations.

Basement/Attic– Get rid of your tired holiday decorations, the box your computer came in, Aunt Jane’s old broken chair, broken toys, and outdated electronics.

Garages-You probably have unused sports and camping gear stuck there so have those things put up for a garage sale. If you are like me and you plan on doing a garage sale but just never seem to get to it. Toss or donate the stuff. I promise whatever money you would have made in the sale is not worth the feeling of freedom you will have by letting it go.

Under the bed– You might not have anything under your bed or there could be something like a fork. Yes I found a fork under my bed once. No one knows why. I simply tell people I have kids then they smile and nod in understanding.

Kitchen Cupboards– Do you have broken cups and saucers? Cups that used to have lids (probably under someones bed), or broken toasters are good candidates for the trash pile.

Filing cabinets/Desk drawers -Your desk is an important place especially if you are a WAHM like me. This is where it is really important that you are productive so if your desk is so cluttered with papers, pens, pencils and what have you, certainly it affects how you think and make decisions. Cluttered surroundings make for cluttered minds.

4 Stress Busting Solutions:

Write It Down-Any small notepad or notebook will do. Write down the areas that you need to do the filing, cleaning, arranging,or other task or better yet use a planner to schedule your de-cluttering activities.

A place for everything-Find appropriate places for every thing in your house. Car keys, important papers, magazines, the children’s toys. the books, dvd’s and the list seems to be endless.

Clean as you go– Make it a habit so it won’t pile up and steal your energy for the clean up sessions. Clean up the mess as soon as possible.

Simplify– Develop a system on which you can have routine and procedures for the whole family to work on. Deal with your mail, paperwork, bills to pay, laundry, errands like going to grocery or mall. Once you have developed a system be sure to maintain it.

What do you think is your biggest Clutter challenge?

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