Closet Organizing (Cleaning Out) Made Easy

If you missed my guest post several months ago on A Slob Comes Clean, you might not know that while I like my house to be clean and uncluttered, I don’t feel the same way about the insides of my closets and drawers. It’s the stuff I SEE that bothers me.  But I do have a few rules about my drawers and closets: Every drawer or closet has a purpose. Everything in the drawer or closet must … [Read more...]

Nightmare No More! The Closet is Organized!

Organizing spaces does not come easy to me so this week’s closet makeover ( taxed my brain in a major way.  But the makeover is done and I’m fairly pleased with the results. The rules were that I was not going to purchase anything for the makeover and I didn’t.  Every container in the closet was something I already owned.  … [Read more...]

A Nightmare in the Office Closet!

Junk drawers.  Catch-all-closets.  Hot spots.  All words to define locations that are unorganized, messy and filled with odds & ends in no particular order.  I think most people have at least one of these.  I have two – my desk and my office closet.  I try really hard to keep my desk in order and it stays that way briefly but then it’s messy again.  One of these days I’m going to figure out … [Read more...]