My Laundry Routine

Washer & Dryer

I want to start out by confessing that I’m not as good at laundry as I used to be but I’m still pretty darn good.  It’s one of my few claims to fame as a homemaker. So I thought, just for fun, I’d give you a glimpse of my typical laundry routine.  Here we go: 1.       I usually do laundry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 2.       I gather the laundry and dump it all in one basket.  We … [Read more...]

Laundry, Laundry, Everywhere

washing machine and dryer

Laundry is one thing I’ve always been good at - until we moved here.  Since we moved into this house, I’ve had laundry sitting everywhere: The washer: The dryer: The basement: The bed: I never did that before.  So what changed? That’s what I decided to find out.  After careful evaluation, I discovered several problems: 1.       In the past, I had set days to do … [Read more...]

Help Wanted: How Do You Figure Shrinkage When Purchasing Clothes?

Fabric labels

If you don’t want a new item of clothing to shrink, it will.  If you want it to, it won’t.  Has anyone else experienced that frustration? Blog reader, Isaac, recently contacted me about this very issue and asked for help.  Here’s his comment: “Maybe one topic for your blog could be how to clothes shop. Maybe it's because I'm a guy and don't clothes shop often, but it causes me real anxiety. … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Laundry Cleaner


1.       Clean up stains/spots immediately.  My granddaughter dripped chocolate ice cream on her clothes the other day.  Rather than leave it until laundry day, I wiped it up right then.  If I hadn’t, it might not have come clean in the laundry.  A Tide Stick is handy for quick clean-ups, too.  I keep one in my bathroom closet and another one in my baggies drawer in the kitchen.  I think there’s … [Read more...]

My Annual Bedding Routine


My granddaughter had her first potty training accident today…at my house…while she was taking a pretend nap in my bed.  I didn’t know it until she got up and said, “I peed in the bed.”  I confess.  I freaked out a little.  Not at her – just at the idea that there was toddler pee in my bed. So I ripped off all the bedding before the pee could soak through to the mattress.  The pee made it all … [Read more...]

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It ……. But If It Is, Then FIX IT!

Broken wall

“Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is the definition of insanity.”  Have you ever heard that?  It’s true.  But I’m amazed at how often I do it! Lately I’ve been frustrated with my schedule.  I feel like I don’t have any time. I can’t get anything done. I’m always rushing. So I got out my trusty weekly schedule form and plotted my activities.  I noticed … [Read more...]

Laundry: How To Get It Done!

washing machine dial

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about laundry - that it’s hard to get done!  I’m not a superstar in many aspects of homemaking but I do consider myself a superstar in the area of laundry. I’m not sure why.  I don’t especially love it.  Maybe there’s an odd sense of satisfaction knowing the laundry is done.  Maybe it makes me feel like all is right with my world.  I don’t know.  The bottom … [Read more...]