Pen Color Matters on your Planner Pages

Pen Color Matters on your Planner Pages.

I love ah ha moments and I had one recently regarding the pen color I use in my planner. I'll admit up front that I am not a pen connoisseur.  I used a 4-color Bic for years, and my current favorite is a Papermate Profile (black or blue) I get at Wal-mart. A while back, I was at Target and found a 4-color pen that was pastel colors:  pink, teal, lime green and purple.  It was so … [Read more...]

The Craziest Bullet Journal You’ll Ever See

The Craziest Bullet Journal You’ll Ever See

Yes, I’m trying something new.  After analyzing my schedule, my needs and my preferences, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need something different. I’ve been cycling back and forth between the same systems, hoping each time that something would change and they would work for me.  I blamed myself thinking I wasn’t committed enough or disciplined enough.  But I finally realized that at this … [Read more...]

Webster’s Color Crush Planners

Webster's Color Crush Planner

by Ashley Gardner I've been a diehard Filofax user for quite some time now. But I get bored, and with Filofaxes being pricey, and because Filofax's current selection leaves a lot to be desired, I was delighted to see Webster's Color Crush planners come across my Facebook newsfeed. Resembling the Filofax Original, they come in all sorts of colors and even some different designs; and the … [Read more...]

Planner Use: It’s Okay to Break the Rules

planner rules

There’s no handbook on the right or wrong way to use a planner.  There are a few good books about time management that discuss planner use, but it’s mostly all about experimentation and making it work for you. That means – there are NO rules!   You can do whatever works for you and nobody can tell you you’re doing it wrong.  That being said, here are a few things I do that could be considered … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Use a DIYFish Daily Page

DIYFish Life Mapping System

Flexibility within structure.  That’s how I roll.  Too much structure and I rebel.  Too much flexibility and I flounder.  That means you’ll rarely find me using a planner page the way it’s designed. Instead, I take the basic page and then use it how I want to.  Sometimes ever day of the week looks different and other times a week looks exactly the same.  It just depends on my schedule, my work … [Read more...]

How I Color Code in My Planner

How I Color Code in My Planner

I don’t color code in my planner – well, not in the traditional sense.  I’ve attempted to color code in the traditional manner but it hasn’t gone well, for several reasons. It slows me down. I rarely have the right pens handy. I don’t want to carry a bunch of pens with me just so I can color code. I don’t think I care. My modified color coding technique is a bit different.  I use a … [Read more...]

A Different Way to Use DIYLife Mapping Inserts

Ashley's Planner

My daughter-in-law, Ashley, has been using DIYFish Life Mapping Inserts for a while now.  She started out with two pages per day but found that was more than she needed.  She switched to a week on two pages and that worked well.  But now she finds herself busier and she’s running out of room on the week on two pages. I suggested the one page per day format but she still wanted more room for the … [Read more...]