5 More Food Journals for Your Planner

Food Journal

The only way to know for SURE what you’re eating is to write it down!  These five food journals can help. Food Journal 1 This food journal is especially helpful if you like to plan ahead what you’ll be eating.  It gives you space for the plan and space for what you actually ate.  You don’t have to re-write like I did – you could use some sort of symbol or other technique.  Food Journal 1 … [Read more...]

REVIEW: The Busy Woman’s Planner

Daily Planner Page

If you love forms, you’re going to LOVE this planner because it has forms for anything and everything you could possibly imagine.  In addition, the forms are PDF files which allow you to type in your information and then print.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!  And here’s a secret – if you’re a man and not a woman, these forms will work for you, too! So let’s dig in and see some of … [Read more...]

Planner Pages: More Than Just Appointments & To-Do’s

Planner Tips

Don’t just write appointments and to-do’s on your planner pages.  Those things are extremely important but there are a lot of other things you could be recording, like . . . 1.       Special events for other people you might want to follow-up on; like surgery, a medical test, a possible promotion, an academic test.  Make a note somewhere on your calendar page to remind you so you can … [Read more...]

Can’t Find the Right Planner Pages? Here’s a Simple Solution!

empty planner

Sometimes the best solution is also the simplest.  If you’ve been searching everywhere and still haven’t been able to find the right format for your daily planner pages or to-do lists, here’s a very simple solution: blank paper That’s right – blank paper.  Don’t buy pages.  Don’t make pages.  Just use blank paper.  Here's how to make it work: 1.       You’ll need either monthly or weekly … [Read more...]

Kids Need Planners, Too

Franklin Covey Planner

It’s never too soon to start teaching children to manage time.  Seriously.  Time management is something they’re going to have to deal with their whole life, so the sooner the better. I homeschooled my two kids and time management was an issue we dealt with frequently, especially when they got older and a little more independent.  Both of my kids have ADD so school was challenging.  But they … [Read more...]

Review & GIVEAWAY: Sarah Pinto Planner

Sarah Pinto Planner

The 5x7 Sarah Pinto Planner is a no-nonsense spiral bound planner that gets the job done.  The pages are clean and uncluttered which works great if that’s what you like.  But if you like decorating your pages, this planner will work for you, too, because the pages have plenty of room for washi tape and stickers. The bright and colorful cover is heavy cardboard. The pages are also good … [Read more...]

5 Ways Your Planner Can Help you ACT Instead of React


Do you act or react?  “Acting" is definitely a less stressful way to live but most people spend their life RE-acting. What is reacting? Being late to an appointment because you’re gathering the stuff you need at the last minute. Being late to an appointment because you can’t find your keys or bag or items you need to take. Paying fines on library books because you forgot they … [Read more...]