My New Planning Method: Unstructured

unstructured planning

Your planner should match your life. Structured life, structured planner. Unstructured life, unstructured planner. And that’s why I’ve been playing around with an unstructured planner.  My life is definitely unstructured. I’ve considered an unstructured approach before, but Laurie, from Plannerisms, mentioned it again when I was talking about how crazy my life was and how traditional … [Read more...]

You Can Plan Too Much

to-do list

Planning is a good thing. But like any good thing, too much of it can be a bad thing.  And unfortunately, that's where I found myself lately. Time management/planning has never been easy for me and it's been worse these days as I struggle with menopause (which is bad enough by itself) and ADHD (worse because of menopause).  I've been playing around with different formats and systems in an … [Read more...]

Planner Problems May Be a Symptom of Something Else


If you've fallen out of love with your planner, it may not actually be planner fail - it may be YOU. When our planner stops working or we aren't using it well, we assume there's something wrong with our binder, our pages or our system. But that's not always the case. Sometimes it's something else - something unrelated. If your planner SHOULD work because - You like it; It matches your … [Read more...]

Two Tricks to Successful Planning

Planner Page

There are different kinds of planner users (by the way, this is not an exhaustive list). Casual Planner.  This person has a planner but doesn't use it much.  They might use it when they feel overwhelmed but otherwise they just rely on their memory. Semi-Serious Planner.  This person carries their planner with them.  They write things down.  But they don't always remember to look at their … [Read more...]

How to Prepare your Planner for 2015

Prepare your Planner

You can’t just slap your 2015 pages in your planner and call it good.  Well, I guess you can but it won’t work as well for you as if you followed these steps: Look back through last year’s monthly pages and transfer: Birthdays and Anniversaries (I like to also record how old the person will be or how many years they’ve been married.) Tasks you know in advance you’ll need to do – like … [Read more...]

If You’re Stressed About Choosing a Planner for 2015 . . .

Planner Choice

If you haven’t chosen your planner for 2015 yet, I’m guessing you either haven’t had a chance or you’ve been stressed about what to buy and unable to decide or commit. For years I never questioned what I was getting – it was always my 2015 Franklin Covey compact.  The only decision I had to make was which design. But for about the last five years, I’ve stressed big time from about September … [Read more...]

Planning for Special Days

Planning for Special Days

Thanksgiving is coming up next week and it looks like we’re having about 22 people over for the big meal.  I love hosting Thanksgiving but it does take some planning ahead.  Thank goodness for my planner. I started something new this year that I think I’m going to do for every special day.  I decorated the Thanksgiving page in my planner with washi tape.  I also put a tab on the Thanksgiving … [Read more...]