A Planner Experiment: I Need Your Help!

My daughter-in-law, Ashley, can make any planner work.  Seriously.  Her only problem is that she gets bored. She uses one format for a while and then likes to try something new.  But she usually sticks to one planner size so it’s no big deal to use a different format every week if she wants to. I’m not like Ashley.  Not even a little bit.  I find fault with every single planner I try.  And … [Read more...]

Ashley’s Planner Update – From Filofax to Traveler’s Notebook

Confession.  I bought a Naked Cow Traveler’s Notebook in personal size for myself.  The notebook was absolutely beautiful.  I’ve never seen any planner so beautiful.  But I missed my rings.  So I gave the Naked Cow notebook to my daughter-in-law, Ashley, who was 100% thrilled.  She’d been using an inexpensive traveler’s notebook she got on Amazon and it was working fine.  But it didn’t compare to … [Read more...]

An Important Item You Might Not Be Writing in Your Planner

So we all know that planners are for writing down what we need to do.  But there’s something else we can write down that can also be very helpful. What we’re not going to do! Have you ever had one of those moments when you looked at your calendar and saw that a recurring appointment wasn’t written down?  You couldn’t remember whether there was a reason it wasn’t written down or if you just … [Read more...]

So You’re Ready to Get a Planner . . .

If you’ve never used a planner, or haven’t for a very long time, it can be overwhelming to get started.  But it doesn’t have to be.  There are a few simple steps you can take to figure out what you need.  So let’s get started. Keep it simple. At the beginning, it’s best to keep it as simple as possible.  Some of the planning systems are pretty streamlined but others are very complicated.  If … [Read more...]

How a Daily Plan Increases My Productivity

I’m a piddler.  I come from a long line of piddlers and I’ve learned from the best.  Because I’m so good at it, if I don’t have a daily plan, I get very little accomplished. What do I consider a daily plan?  A daily plan for me is a page in my planner on which I’ve recorded my appointments and my tasks.  Sometimes I even plan when I’m going to do the tasks.  I also include things I need to … [Read more...]

Why I Use a Monthly Calendar AND Daily Pages

I haven’t always seen the need for a monthly calendar (I had one but didn’t use it much) but I’m certainly a believer now and have been for a long time.  Here are 5 reasons I can’t live without my monthly calendar. A monthly calendar helps me see the big picture. I can’t see the big picture on daily pages.  It’s a little easier on weekly pages but it’s still not a big enough picture.  Seeing … [Read more...]

Pen Color Matters on your Planner Pages

I love ah ha moments and I had one recently regarding the pen color I use in my planner. I'll admit up front that I am not a pen connoisseur.  I used a 4-color Bic for years, and my current favorite is a Papermate Profile (black or blue) I get at Wal-mart. A while back, I was at Target and found a 4-color pen that was pastel colors:  pink, teal, lime green and purple.  It was so … [Read more...]