6 Tips for Buying Dining Room Chairs

Dining Room Table and Chairs

About 15 years ago we bought a new dining room table and chairs.  We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted and weren’t patient enough to wait, so we ended up with something we’ve never been happy with.  Someday . . .when we replace this set . . .we have a much better idea of what to look for, especially when it comes to chairs.  The truth is, choosing the table is the easy part.  It’s the chairs … [Read more...]

4 Reasons These Are The Most Horrible Chairs Ever Made!

dining room chair edit 1

 Have you ever purchased something big for your house and then realized you made a terrible mistake but it was too late?  We did that 12 years ago when we bought our dining room furniture and we’ve been paying the price ever since! We are convinced that our chairs are the WORST chairs that have ever been made!  Ever!!!  How bad can a chair be, you ask?  Well, since you asked, let me tell … [Read more...]