The Right Organizing Containers Can Make Life Better

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Having the right container for products you use frequently can make all the difference between happiness and irritation.  I speak from experience.

I’ve been storing my few make-up products on a shelf in the medicine cabinet in our newly remodeled bathroom.  They were on that empty space next to the band-aids.

medicine cabinet

Unfortunately, about three or four times a week, I dropped one of them as I was retrieving it from the cabinet.  If I didn’t drop the makeup, the makeup brushes rolled out and hit the floor.  The last thing I need in the morning when I’m trying to wake up is to do battle with my make-up.

After a couple of weeks of procrastination and nearly ruined makeup, I finally solved the problem.  I bought a make-up organizer.  It cost me about $13 from Target.

make-up organizer

When I first moved my makeup from the medicine cabinet to the organizer, I wasn’t sure I really needed the organizer.  It seemed overkill for the tiny amount of makeup that I own (I’m allergic to a lot of it).  But I used it for a couple of days and realized that it was AWESOME!

makeup organizer

Every morning I set it on the counter next to the sink and very calmly put on my makeup.  No more battle with blush and brushes.  Mornings are better!

My daughter-in-law, Ashley, considers a makeup organizer a necessity.  In fact, the clasp on hers broke recently and she went out immediately and bought a new one.  Here’s her organizer:

make-up organizermakeup organizermakeup organizer

So if you’ve never purchased a makeup organizer and your makeup storage is less than ideal, give it some thought.  I’m so happy with mine!

If you don’t wear makeup or don’t need an organizer, think about your stuff and see if there’s something you use regularly that would be benefit from a storage container.

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2 thoughts on “The Right Organizing Containers Can Make Life Better

  1. I store mine in a zipper bag so I can take it in the car if I need to or take with me on military duty when I used to. I keep the zipper bag in a drawer in the bathroom or in my purse but sometimes I’ve been known to leave it in the car. Oops! Would be nice not to have to put my makeup on – on the run that’s for sure!!

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