Top 10 Spices Every New Homemaker Needs

Top 10 Spices

Spices are much more than just salt and pepper. Although those two are the staple of every kitchen I know. But when you are trying to cook with a bit of flavor there are other spices you will need on hand. People love homemade dishes because of the explosion of flavor given by the spices. Spices give life to foods. Here you’ll find my list of the top 10 spices I use, along with useful advice for each spice. I think that every new homemaker needs a base of at least these 10 spices as well as salt.

Top 10 Spices


Paprika is the most used spice in the South Asian kitchen. But is also very useful in some of the recipes I have made over the years. This bright red powder is made from ground peppers. Powder paprika is used in many dishes, such as pasta, soups, and meat dishes.

Sweet Potato Fries
Our Sweet Potato Fries

Black Pepper

Black pepper is the most popular spice in the world. A bit of black pepper is enough to change the taste of a dish. You can buy black pepper powder. It’s also fine to buy as ground. Did you also know there is such a thing as white pepper? I had no idea!


Garlic is an essential spice in every kitchen. You can use the fresh cloves of garlic in your food, though both frozen and powder garlic available in the market. Some people use garlic as a vegetable. But the flavoring of garlic is also one of the best things to put on bread. I only say that because garlic bread is one of my favorite foods!

Italian Bread
7 Toppings for Garlic Bread


Ginger is the foundation of Asian cooking. It has slightly hot and sweet flavor. It goes well with many Indian, Thai, and Chinese dishes. You can preserve ginger root in the fridge for a long time. Ginger powder is also an option.


This is one of my favorites. You can use this versatile spice in both sweet and spicy dishes. Cinnamon has many health benefits. According to some studies, it helps to reduce blood glucose and dreadful cholesterol. You can add cinnamon to any foods, including hot milk, cakes, pies, etc.

cinnamon roll edit 10 individual
Refrigerator Cinnamon Rolls

Chili Powder

Chili flakes make any food you cook spicy. The spice that helps the body sweat and take out toxins is also one of the main ingredients in American Chili. You can add this spice to increase flavor and decrease the need of salt. This is the best way to make your mouth set fire.

Chicken & Bean Chili
Chicken & Bean Chili


This bright yellow powder is used in Indian and other dishes for both flavor and strong color. Curcumin is the healing properties in turmeric that helps to reduces inflammation.


There is no alternative of basil leaves for the tomato salad or sauces. You can buy dried basil leaves with a jar, though you’ll always find some fresh branches at your nearer supermarket.

Chicken Rice Bowl edit
Chicken and Rice Bowl


You can buy both the seeds and powder. Cumin helps to digest and work as an antiseptic. Cumin is a powerful spice. It’s used mostly in Indian, Mexican and North African kitchens.


Nutmeg is a delicate spice that imparts a sweet nutty aroma. From everything from pumpkin pie to mulled cider. Nutmeg is mostly thought of and used in the fall and winter.

So there you go. This is the main spices I like to use in my kitchen. What is your favorite spice?

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