Uh, Oh! I Forgot To Defrost the Meat for Dinner!

Frozen meat

Have you ever forgotten to thaw the meat you need for dinner? Have you tried defrosting it in the microwave but it ended up partially cooked or with a weird texture?  I’ve been there and done that.

I HATE thawing meat in the microwave!  And unfortunately, sometimes you can’t use that method even if you want to.  Like the other day when I decided at 1:00 that I wanted to grill burgers for dinner.  I was unexpectedly having company and I thought the burgers would be perfect for dinner.  But the ground beef was frozen.  Rock solid.  I thought about driving to the grocery store and buying more beef but I didn’t really have time to do that.  So I did some research and came up with this method of thawing meat that is safe and really works!

Here’s what you do:

Take the meat (any kind of meat can be thawed this way) out of the original packaging and put it in a zip lock bag.  Press out any air and seal the bag.  Be sure it’s sealed.  You don’t want water seeping into the bag.

Frozen Chicken in Ziplock

Then place the bag in COLD water – not warm, not hot.  It needs to be COLD to be safe.

Frozen Chicken in water

If your meat floats to the top like mine did, you can try it that way or put something over to keep it in the water.

frozen chicken with plate

After about an hour, replace the water with more COLD water.

I haven’t tested this on every kind of meat but I thawed 2 pounds of beef in about 3 hours and 1 pound of chicken tenders in about 2.

Obviously the best method of defrosting meat is in the refrigerator but if life gets in the way, this method just might save dinner!

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8 thoughts on “Uh, Oh! I Forgot To Defrost the Meat for Dinner!

  1. I defrost meat like this all the time, but I just do it in the sink so there’s one less dish to wash…

    1. Becky, I would do it directly in the sink, too, but I have a single bowl sink so it’s too big. It sure does work well, though. I was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Just ran to take out the chicken! Thx for the reminder …

    Beyond blessed to have stumbled here today … Hope you don’t mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip into some serious momma goodness.


    PS I have a tiny puddle in blog land. But just posted on being a mom. I would love to have this post linked up, to encourage my readers. Well, ANY of your posts, to encourage my readers. You can find the link here …

    1. Sarah, thanks for the invite. I did link up one of my articles – not one specific to mommies but one that will help them be a little more organized.

      Thanks for stopping by and delighted to have you checking out the blog.

  3. Came home to unthawed beef just an hour ago…Hub and I miscommunicated about that little detail this morning. I’ve done the water in the bowl in the sink method forever – works great. Like you, I HATE microwave-thawed half-cooked meat. Just ick.

    1. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before but this was new to me. I guess I had done it one year with the Thanksgiving turkey but never with anything else. It’s a great technique and I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot.

      Don’t you hate miscommunication!

  4. Great idea I always forget and when I do I just say forget dinner and we eat a grilled cheese or something that does not have to be thawed. Stopping over from SITS

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