We’re Moving – Twice! Oh, and 10 Packing Tips.

Moving boxes

Moving boxes

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Yes, you read that right.  If you’ve been following the blog, you know we put our house on the market in mid-June and received an offer at the beginning of August with a close date of August 28th.  Unfortunately, we could’t find a new house so we’re temporarily moving in with the kids.

The “kids” are our son, Danny, his wife, Ashley, and their two kids, Ivy (soon to be 4) and Calvin (2-1/2).  It’s a four bedroom ONE bath house.  Fortunately we’ve all lived together before so we know what to expect.

The office seems to have the most stuff to pack!

But this is the first time in our 32-year marriage that we’ve lived with someone else in their home.  The hardest part at this point is knowing what to take with us and what to put in storage, especially since we have no idea how long we’ll be there.

We have more stuff than we thought.

We started packing on Saturday when we received final word that the sale was progressing according to schedule.  We keep a pretty lean inventory of personal possessions but we still have more than we realized. The boxes are filling up FAST!!!  And time is running out.  But I’m confident we’ll be ready.  We sign papers today, move on Thursday and clean on Friday (probably – we might clean on Thursday if things go really well).

Living Room
The living room looks bare!

And then the adventure begins – living with our kids out of one room.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.  I’m sure I’ll be learning all kinds of new things to share with you on the blog.

So in the meantime, here are a few things I’m re-learning about packing (it’s been a while!):

1.       Have plenty of boxes.

2.       Label, label, label.  You can’t be too thorough.

3.       If your stuff is going two places, be very clear about which place each box is going to.

4.       Group boxes according to their destination.  All the boxes going to Danny and Ashley’s go in one room and all the other boxes in other rooms of the house go to storage.

5.       Don’t pack junk!  If it’s junk or you know you’re not going to use it in your new place, toss it or give it away.  But don’t move it!!!

6.       Pack everything you possibly can to make it easier on the movers.

7.       Buy of those tape dispensers and have plenty of tape.  The tape dispenser has been worth every penny!

8.       Get the fattest black marker you can find for really bold labels.

9.       Don’t over think your packing.  Just get ‘er done.

10.     Pack your way.  Some people do one room at a time.  Some people do a little in one room and move to another.  Some people do the hard stuff first and some do the easy stuff first.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it so pack the way you want to.

Have you ever had to temporarily live with someone else? How did it go?

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18 thoughts on “We’re Moving – Twice! Oh, and 10 Packing Tips.

  1. We did move temporarily, my sister had an apartment she was not needing for the month we put our place on the market; we moved there with the essentials and our pets so the place that was being shown was easy to keep up for showings; just a vacuum and dusting every several days. It was not too bad and saved us lots of stress trying to keep the house super tidy at all times.

  2. As a result of the military, I’ve moved quite a few times. Most of it was just changing rooms. Their idea of moving tended to be: “You’re moving now! Pack your stuff and be settled by tomorrow. And, and don’t forget, everything has to be perfect by then.” No matter what, the sergeants always thought we just had a duffel bag of stuff, not books, TV, and other personal items. The result was that I’d throw everything into boxes into a panic and drag the boxes over to the next room. Since unpacking it messy and time consuming, I’d shove the boxes into my wall locker and pretend like the whole process was neat. Couldn’t find anything either. My military move across the country was like that. The army goofed up my orders, and the orders came through at the last minute. I had two days to pack. It took me years to find everything again.

      1. Worse was being told I had to move over the weekend, and a hurricane hit the area. I had to drive five miles back and forth in pouring rain for the entire day.

  3. My husband and I moved in with my mom for two years to help her out. It didn’t go as well as we had hoped, unfortunately. I think I had lofty expectations about how things would go, and life just doesn’t work that way sometimes. I do wish that it had gone better, but we did what we could, and then the best thing to do was to get out of the way, so we did. It’s been refreshing to be back on our own. 🙂

  4. Holy moly, Patti! I can’t believe you’re still cooking and blogging through packing and moving two places! way to go, lady!

  5. I must agree with Becky – I can’t believe you are maintaining your normal routine in the midst of a move – amazing! We have never lived with another family so I have no words of wisdom but I do hope all goes well for you.

  6. We’ve never lived with anyone else – other than at home with parents before striking out on our own. But moving? Ugh what a nightmare. No matter how well you think you’re prepared…think again. But eventually everything gets where it needs to be and things fall into place. Best of luck with your moves!

    1. Isn’t that the truth?! Last night my husband was looking for something in the bathroom closet and it was one of the few things I packed from that closet. I found it. Then he was looking for light bulbs but I already packed those and had no idea where they were. I’m a little bit overwhelmed at this point so I don’t really care any more. If we need something we don’t have, I guess we’ll just buy it. Will this be over soon???

  7. Thank you so much for these 10 useful tips! I’m just starting the packing process of my move, so these will be of great help!

    1. Glad I can help. We’ve moved several times and I try to make it as easy as possible on the movers and myself! Good luck with your move.

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