What’s For Dinner (No. 122)

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We’re still on our gluten free adventure.  It’s looking like David is indeed gluten intolerant but we’re waiting to see for sure.  In the meantime, cooking is SO much more challenging.  But I managed to find these recipes from my recipe box that are gluten free or easily tweaked to be gluten free.

One Pan Potatoes and Chicken
Steamed vegetables

one pan potatoes and chicken

Mediterranean Chicken & Orzo
Oven roasted broccoli

Mediterranean Chicken and Orzo

roasted broccoli

Herb Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

Herb Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Salmon w/Roasted Vegetables

Salmon & Roasted Vegetables

Pizza (gluten free)

More menu ideas are available here.
More great recipes are available here.

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2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner (No. 122)

  1. Yay for me! More gluten free meal ideas from Patty! LOL. Just kidding. It is a challenge isn’t it?? My DDaughter (teen) is also allergic to corn and soy and peanuts. Also, I am pre-diabetic so I have to watch out for sugar. Makes for a challenging day when I plan my menus. But THIS helps. Thanks for helping me, David. HAHA.. But what it comes down to is…. making your meals simpler. A protein, a veggie and a gluten free grain – and fruit for dessert! :)

    Thanks Patty – love your blog!!!

    1. Jennifer – it is definitely a challenge. Right now I’m sticking with recipes I already have, and like you said, keeping it really simple: protein, veggie and something else.

      Went grocery shopping today and Wal-mart had a surprisingly decent selection of gluten free products with reasonable (still higher than gluten products) prices. I was pretty excited.

      Have you ever tried the flour mix that you substitute cup for cup in recipes calling for flour? I got some of that to try but it was really expensive. I’ll use it sparingly if it’s any good.

      I got a recipe book with gluten free recipes so I’ll start experimenting more this week. It seems like he is indeed gluten intolerant, maybe even celiac.

      Thanks for the kind words.

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