What’s For Dinner (No. 124)

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I’m getting tired of this gluten free menu planning.  I just want to make some bread!  I did make gluten free chocolate chip cookies this past week that were okay.  They hit the spot for my husband who was craving some dessert!

So here’s this week’s gluten free menu:

Polenta with Fontina and Eggs

Polenta with Fontina and eggs

Jim’s Chili*


* Okay, so it turns out most chili seasonings are NOT gluten free.  I had no idea.  I had two different kinds in my pantry but both had wheat flour.  So until I can find a good recipe for gluten free chili seasoning, David won’t be eating the chili.

Best Ever Meat Loaf*
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans

*to make the meatloaf gluten free I’ll have to use gluten free bread. Otherwise it’s all normal ingredients.

Best Ever Meatloaf

Salmon with Roasted Vegetables

Salmon & Roasted Vegetables

Cheese Dip
Mexican Rice


Pimiento and chilies cheese dip


More menu ideas are available here.
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2 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner (No. 124)

    1. We’re glad our Mexican dishes being gluten free, too! I’ve made several new ones lately.

      I’ve only used polenta once – in the recipe I posted. I should experiment, too. It’s good.

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