What’s For Dinner? (No 84)

What's For Dinner

What's For Dinner

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Last week’s menu was a lot of fun – a bunch of new stuff and everything was a winner.  I’m trying a lot of new stuff this week, too, and I hope to have the same results as last week!

Salmon in Lime Sauce
Brown Rice Pilaf
Steamed Vegetables

Asparagus Omelet
Fruit Salad

Pizza (frozen)

Oven Baked Chicken
Garlic Fries
Corn on the Cob
Green Beans


Italian Chicken Roll-Ups
Honey-Garlic Angel Hair

Dessert:   Peanut Butter Icebox Dessert

More menu ideas are available here and
Tons of recipes are available here

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4 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner? (No 84)

  1. Patty, I like the way salmon in lime sauce sounds. Hoping you’ll post that! And honey garlic angel hair? Yum,

    1. I’m planning to make the salmon tonight for dinner. If it’s blogworthy, it’ll be on the blog soon. If you want the recipes sooner, let me know and I’ll email them to you.

  2. You really are trying out a lot of new recipes! I feel about salmon like you feel about all those foods you mentioned in your picky eater post 😉 so I’m going to wait and see if the Italian Chicken Roll-ups are a hit for you.

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