What’s On Your Refrigerator?



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My refrigerator is not clutter-free and it never will be.  I try to keep the clutter to a minimum, but I can’t eliminate it because it’s a perfect place to keep track of a few things.

Here’s what’s on my refrigerator:

A conveniently located pencil for adding items to the grocery list.


A grocery list.  This is a Franklin Covey form that I’ve been using for years.  I’ve made several forms of my own but this is my favorite.  I keep the extras in the pantry.  When I make my grocery list, I remove this form from the refrigerator, plan my menu on the back and list what I need on the front.  Most of the time the front is filled out already from jotting things down all week.  When I get back from grocery shopping, I get a blank form and put it on the refrigerator for the coming week

Franklin Covey grocery list

My menu for the week.  After I get back from the grocery store, I put my menu on the refrigerator for easy reference.  I use a magnetic binder clip to hold the menu.  In the past, I’ve had a lot of menus in this clip.  It was handy to look back and see what I’d made recently and what things I bought frequently.


Recipes I’m planning to make.  I have another magnetic binder clip that I use to hold the recipes I’m planning to make.  It’s SO convenient to have them here.  In the past, I’ve had to search for the recipes and couldn’t always find them.  I try to put them here if I can.


My granddaughter’s art work.  She actually put this here herself but I’m very happy to have it there.

kids art work

Miscellaneous magnets for the grandkids to play with.  They’ve always loved these A-B-C magnets so I keep them on the refrigerator.  I also keep my eyes open for other magnets they’ll like and have a few of those on the refrigerator.


So that’s what’s on my refrigerator.  What’s on yours????

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8 thoughts on “What’s On Your Refrigerator?

  1. Putting the FC menu planner on the refrigerator itself is a great idea. I’ve never been able to use the compact size menu planner as it’s too small, and the classic FC menu planners have been languishing in the supply tub. I may be able to use them this way! We also keep a family calendar on the fridge and a small whiteboard for the dinner menu. Also, when we travel I buy a decorative souvenir magnet so the fridge is a kind of travel scrapbook too.

    1. Christine: I can’t use the compact size menu planner either. I have a package of them and I’ve tried but I need more room. I’ve been using the classic size menu planners for a LONG time. I love them!

      I love the idea of the fridge being a travel scrapbook. That is so cool!

  2. Fingerprints! Mine is empty but the top of the fridge is a hot spot that gathers stuff. Giant snacks that don’t fit in the cupboards (big tubs of pretzels, etc), loaves of bread (I can’t find a good place yet for this), random stuff my tall family sticks up there.

    1. Ah, the dreaded “top of the refrigerator”. I don’t have access to mine since there’s a cabinet over it or I would have the same problem.

      My daughter-in-law has a very tiny kitchen so she uses that space for extra storage but one of her cats also thinks it’s a cool place to hang out. I was at their house a while back and when I opened the refrigerator, I scared the cat and she freaked out and she scared me. I thought I was going to wet my pants I was so scared!!! You just don’t expect something to jump off the top of the refrigerator when you open it.

  3. I have fingerprints also, a couple of magnets on one side that are used for drying plastic sandwich bags after I wash them, and a picture of a tree with leaves showing how much we have paid off of our house and how much more we have to go.

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