When Buying BIG is a Bad Idea

Buying Big

Buying big makes sense – sometimes.  But there are a few times when it doesn’t make sense.  For example:

When it hurts the budget.  Maybe the super size is a better deal but if it causes you to go over budget, then it’s not a good idea.  I often go for a smaller size in order to make the budget work.

When you don’t have room to store the larger container.  I’ve purchased the extra large boxes of cereal occasionally, and when I get them home, I discover they won’t fit in the cereal cabinet.  So I have to store them somewhere else, put them in a different container (my family doesn’t like eating cereal out of anything other than the original box) or leave them on the counter near the cereal cabinet.  So I don’t buy the extra large box of cereal anymore – even if it’s a better deal.

When you won’t use it up before it goes bad.  Yes, the super sized can of pickles might be a great deal but if you end up throwing them away because you couldn’t eat them fast enough then you didn’t really save any money.

Do you buy big? What are your rules?

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4 thoughts on “When Buying BIG is a Bad Idea

  1. My biggest rule is the third one you’ve listed- will I use it before it goes bad? If it is a really good deal on something I use often, I’m willing to go over budget or store it elsewhere. But if I’m going to end up throwing half away, it definitely isn’t worth it!

  2. I think buying in bulk is ok if the items come in small packets, like pet food or pasta. But if it’s ten kilos of flour I avoid it. Our new home has only a small pantry and we can’t fit a double size fridge in our kitchen, but I think it’s fine because if you have a really big pantry, you just end up with too much food and no plan to use it. I mean, how much food does one family need?!

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