When Life Goes Crazy & You Need to Salvage Dinner!

stack of plates

stack of plates

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Have you ever had a plan for dinner but then things went crazy and you didn’t know what the heck to do???  I’ve had lots of days like that.  And no matter how hard you plan, life tends to get in the way and messes it up sometimes.

But a hi-jacked schedule resulting in a blown menu plan isn’t the end of the world – especially if you have a back-up plan.  Here’s what I’m talking about:

1.      Eat the part that’s already done and skip the rest.  I use my crock pot a lot, and when I do, I prepare dinner in the morning.  Usually the main dish is in the crock pot and I work on the sides later.  But if my day goes crazy and I can’t get to the sides, at least we can eat whatever’s in the crock pot.

2.       Switch to something that’s easier and quicker.  I try to always have something on the menu that’s easy.  Then on those hard days, I can throw it together in a matter of minutes and without any brain power.

3.       Have meals on stand-by in the freezer.  Then if you can’t cook dinner, you can pull out a freezer meal and get it ready.  Or, if you’ve frozen individual portions of leftovers, you can eat those.

4.       Convenience foods.  I know – convenience foods aren’t all that great for you.  But I still rely on them in emergency situations, especially pizza!  I like to have a couple of frozen pizzas on hand at all times.  I also like to have frozen garlic bread and bags of vegetables I can steam.

5.       Go out to eat.  If things get really crazy, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going out or hitting the drive-through.  That’s what they’re for!

6.       Sandwiches.  There’s no rule that says you can’t have sandwiches for dinner.  And they’re especially nice if you have to eat on the run.

What do you do if your menu plan goes south? What is your favorite throw-together-quickly meal

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