Who Wants to Save Some Money???

Times are tough and money is tight so it’s important to review your bills and statements to be sure you’re not being overcharged.  Some bills that frequently have mistakes include:

  • Bank statements
  • Cell Phone
  • Cable
  • Utilities
  • Grocery Store Receipts
  • Target, Wal-mart, etc.
  • Internet
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Medical Bills (if you can figure them out!)

Reviewing your bills and receipts is an easy way to save money.  Unfortunately, you might be surprised (and horrified) at how many mistakes and overcharges you actually find.

There’s another way to save money but it takes a little more work.  You can save quite a bit by doing an annual review of certain accounts including cable, cell phone, internet, phone and home security.  These companies regularly change their pricing structures or add features but don’t always tell their current customers.  The only way you find out is if you call in to discuss your account.  That happened to me today.  I called my cell phone company to see about making a change and found a way to save $20 a month.  My friend, Larry Jones, has some more ideas on saving money in this manner on his blog at http://www.richchristianpoorchristian.com/.  There are links below that will take you to his specific articles on this topic.

So if you want some easy money, review your bills and statements regularly and do an annual review.  The savings can add up quick!

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5 thoughts on “Who Wants to Save Some Money???

  1. During my weekly shopping today I purchased a few pounds of nectarines to freeze for winter because they were .99 cents/lb. In my car before going home I reviewed my receipt and noticed I had been charged 2.49/lb for a total of $8.49! Went back in the store and discovered with a manager that the scan code and sale price did not match so I not only got the difference but they gave me all my money back because the mistake was theirs! It pays to look at receipts, especially when using sales, coupons, etc.

    1. Beware of young adult/teen cashiers when buying produce! I once was charged $8.99lb for plain old green beans bc he coded in “Chinese Longbeans”. That same cashier charged me for more expensive Red Globe Grapes ($2.49/lb) when I’d purchased the seedless red grapes on sale for 99 cents/lb. Of course I went back and was refunded! Actually got the produce for free, for my trouble!

      1. Oh, no! That’s awful. It’s nice that you got the produce for free. I missed a couple of bags one time and had to drive back, stand in line to prove my case, and then go back and re-gather all the stuff. I was so mad! It took me another 45 minutes to correct their mistake. I thought they should have given me a $10 gift card for my trouble. But they were just rude during the whole process. But I learned to always check to be sure I have everything.

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