Why I Don’t Use My Planner as a Wallet

Planner and wallet

Planner and wallet

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My daughter combined her planner and wallet a while back.  It’s working great for her.  I’ve read about other people who combine their planner and wallet.  I find it interesting but I’ve never been tempted to do it.

Here’s why:

  • I leave my planner out on my desk or my kitchen cabinet ALL the time.  I don’t want my personal information (driver’s license, debit card, credit cards) out, too.
  • My financial information seems safer tucked away in my wallet, which is in my purse, than in my planner which can be anywhere and everywhere.
  • I’m not always careful with my planner.  Sometimes my 4-year-old granddaughter even gets a hold of it.  I wouldn’t want her to have access to my financial information.  I might get to a store and find my card or driver’s license MISSING!
  • I don’t always take my planner with me.  Yes, I used to and I still think it’s best if you do, but sometimes I leave it in the car.  I like having the option of leaving it behind if I don’t want to carry it.  If my cards were in it, I would always have to take it.
  • My planner is full already.  If I add my cards and money to it, I would have to take out some of my planning pages and I don’t want to do that.
  • I like compartmentalizing things.  In my purse I carry my wallet, my planner and a clear cosmetic bag with odds and ends.  I have a pocket for my keys and a pocket for my phone.  I like keeping all those things separate.

But that’s just me.  Have you combined your wallet and planner? Does it work well for you? 

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19 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use My Planner as a Wallet

  1. All your points are excellent and I agree with them. But I have my wallet and planner combined nonetheless. This is because shopping is such a major element of my life (ha ha). This way all I need to take in the store are my keys (in a pocket) and the Malden. And I have my planner next to my computer so it’s easy to find my card numbers & note my purchase details if I order online. It’s not that I’m a shopping fanatic (or am I in denial?) but shopping days are truly major expeditions for us as we live an hour from any major grocery store. They’re all day affairs with multiple stops (and a really nice lunch somewhere); I look forward to them, but it’s real easy to get overwhelmed with bags and receipts so my system has to be just right. Combining the planner and wallet helps me immensely under these circumstances. If I lived right in town, I might keep them separate.

    1. Christine, you have to do what works for you and it sounds like you have a good system. If I had to shop like you do, I might also want to combine them.

      An hour away, huh. That does make shopping kind of a big deal. I imagine you want to make each trip count!

  2. I don’t use my planner as a wallet for many of the reasons you stated. My compact binder does not have enough pockets to put wallet contents in it. Even if it did I still would not want to do so. I prefer sometimes to not use cards for low priced purchases. Because of that a separate wallet is more convenient for me. The first reason on your list is important. Once when I had someone check my A/C system, another company person came early for a later appointment. I left the first person alone in the room without realizing my planner was open on a table. If I had my wallet contents in my planner it would be visible to that person even for a few minutes.

    1. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. If my cards were in my planner, I’d have to be really careful where I left my planner. I just don’t want to have to do that!

  3. This is a great post because I just purchased a compact and was considering it as a wallet. I might have to reconsider. I thought if I used my compact as a wallet that I would use my planner more often since I would have to carry it around. I have a hard time using two planners and have always used a classic but carrying a classic everywhere can be cumbersome.

    1. Dee – this is just why I don’t combine them. Combining them might work well for you but these points are definitely something to think about. Then if those points aren’t an issue, go for it! My daughter loves having them combined. Keep me posted about what you decide and how it works.

      I agree about the classic. I want so much to use that size but it’s just too darn big for me. The compact is much more manageable.

    1. Those little ones can be very interested in our planners! My granddaughter wrote all over my April calendar. She has her own planner but she really likes mine better! 🙂

  4. When I started out using a Filofax, I used to use a mini as my calendar & wallet combined. However, I found that the diary was just too small & it was a struggle to get my change out, so the mini experiment was over. Nowadays, I don’t normally have my Filofax with me, but I find that it makes a great wallet when I’m away on holiday, or on occasions when I might want to make some notes .

  5. I HAVE to use my filofax as a wallet or I won’t use it at all. For a year I struggled to use my Filofax as it was to big and heavy to carry with me at all times and I barely used it. Now that I combined wallet&filofax (compact pennybridge) I have it with me at all times and I look into it few times a day, so its working great for me as I finally use it! Buy I dont need anything but calendar (still trying to figure out what works better wo1p or few months of wo2p+mo2p for the rest of the year, also I only need 2 weeks “before” pages) and few note pages. In my normal personal i was carrying so much stuff that I never needed while out and about…

  6. Your point about sacrificing planner pages for cards hits home with me. I tried a few times and always separate them eventually.

  7. I’d probably just tuck a £10 or £20 note in the planner in case I needed money and had forgotten my wallet 😀

  8. Was just reading this..all makes great sense if you are using one planner to do both. I have a large kikki k for planning then a smaller one strictly as a wallet.

  9. You mentioned the very same reasons I stopped using my Malden as my wallet. I found it frustrating, especially at work, because I wanted to have it with me on my desk, but I don’t work in the safest environment, and so I had to keep it locked up. The same was to be said of taking it to the grocery store. I love making shopping lists in my planner, but it felt awkward to leave my planner open with my credit cards so obviously visible in the left pockets while I used my checklists.

    1. Exactly. If you never had your planner out and about it wouldn’t matter, but I always do. Glad I’m not the only one this doesn’t work for.

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