Why I Love Sweeping & a Look at my Sweeping Routine

Why I Love Sweeping & a Look at my Sweeping Routine

Why I Love Sweeping & a Look at my Sweeping Routine


Since I first started staying home full-time, 30 years ago, two of the top three items on my to-do list have been:


If I never get any other cleaning done, I’m happy as long as I tidy and sweep.  The truth is . . . if your house is tidy and the floors are swept, it looks cleaner than it might really be.  That’s not why I tidy every day, though.  I do it because I like my house being tidy and the floors swept.  I function better when the house is in order.

I’ve talked before about what I do when I tidy.  If you’re interested, you can read about that here.  Today we’re going to talk about my sweeping routine.

At my last house, I vacuumed every day and swept as needed.  At this house, I sweep every day and vacuum as needed.  I’m not sure why the difference except that I have more tile floors here and a new vacuum that doesn’t do as well on non-carpeted floors.  I use a plain broom that I’ve had forever.  I tried using a dust mop but I don’t like it.  A broom works just great. So here we go.

I always start with the kitchen.  The floor is tile and there are three rugs.  Two are by the back door to help the dog’s traction.  My 13-year-old black lab’s legs aren’t what they used to be!  I also have a larger rug in front of the kitchen sink.  I shake the rug by the sink right there in the kitchen, but gently so as not to scatter dirt everywhere, and then drape it over the chair.  I usually leave the rugs near the back door and shake them once or twice a week.  Then I start sweeping and go over the room.  I sweep under the edges of the cabinets, a little ways under the stove and sink, behind the trash can and a little bit under the table.  I only move the chairs if it’s really dirty under the table.  I just sweep around and under the chairs.

Why I Love Sweeping

Why I Love Sweeping
This is the hallway with the two rugs.

Why I Love Sweeping

Then I head upstairs.  I usually just get the middle area of the office.  Once or twice a week I sweep under David’s desk.

Why I Love Sweeping
Yes, it’s a mess. This is the last room we need to remodel so I think I’ve been using that as an excuse for not putting things away.

I shake the rug in the master bathroom, again, right in the bathroom, and drape it over the door.  Then I sweep that room very thoroughly.  There’s usually a lot of hair (mine) in there.

Why I Love Sweeping

In the master bedroom, sometimes I just sweep the open areas and other times I get under the bed and behind the chairs near the windows.  It depends on how long it’s been since I’ve been thorough and how much time I have.

Why I Love Sweeping

Then I sweep the stairs and head into the dining room.  We used to have a rug at the top of the stairs but I got rid of it.  It wasn’t really helping and I didn’t like how it looked.  Now that room is easier to sweep.  Just like in the kitchen, I get under the table as much as I can without moving the chairs.  That usually is good enough.  Once in a while I move a couple of the chairs and do a more thorough job.

Why I Love Sweeping

In the living room and entry I don’t have to move any rugs.  I do try to sweep around the dog bed in the corner.  There’s usually a LOT of hair around there.  I sweep under the tv shelf, the big cabinet on the back wall and the end table.

Why I Love Sweeping

I hit and miss sweeping the grandkids’ rooms.  They aren’t here every day so if they’re not here, I don’t always bother sweeping in those rooms.

Why I Love Sweeping

In the main bathroom, I shake the rugs and drape them over the toilet.  Then I sweep the floor, under the cabinet, under the trash can and under the step stool.

Why I Love Sweeping

When I’m finished, I put all the rugs back.  Sometimes I put them back as I leave a room.  It just depends.

If I’m pressed for time, sometimes I only sweep the main floor or just the kitchen.

My goal is to sweep every day but sometimes I only get 5 out of 7.  When I miss, it’s amazing how much dirt and dog hair I get the next day.  That motivates me to sweep DAILY.

As far as vacuuming, I would like to vacuum the living room rug daily but that doesn’t always happen.  That area receives a lot of traffic and the dog lays on it a lot.  Vacuuming daily is ideal but I probably actually do it three times a week.

And that’s my sweeping routine.  All in all it probably takes about 15 minutes.  And in my opinion, it’s 15 minutes very well spent!


NOTE:  I’m not saying you need to sweep daily.  You need to sweep as often as you need to for your needs.  I have a black lab that sheds like there’s no tomorrow and two young grandchildren who make LOTS of messes!  Plus we’re remodeling.  So daily floor care is a must for us.  But it may not be for you and that’s okay.

Do you sweep or vacuum daily? Which do you prefer & how often to you do it?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Love Sweeping & a Look at my Sweeping Routine

  1. I sweep and vacuum every day. I try to get the whole house done, but if I’m pressed for time I only do the downstairs. We’ve only got three people in our family, but we’re in and out of the house a lot so things are constantly getting drug in. Plus our house tends to be the neighborhood hang out so we do end up with a fair bit of traffic. It only takes a few minutes but it’s amazing how big of a difference it makes. Wiping fingerprints and smudges off the cupboards, walls, and light switches is another quick thing that makes a big impact.

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